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  • It's cool, man, fire when ready.

    And I'm alright at the moment, but there are still a few things I need to sort out. That sure is an awsome feeling.

    Yeah but my point is that you'd be surprised about how many things you can enjoy doing. A lot of office work is like that.
    Having worked in an office a couple of times, it's not actually as boring as it sounds. Personally I think it's not too difficult to be engaged with anything that actually demands you use your brain. There is, of course, boring office work, but there's also not-so-boring office work.

    Excellent that you're trying to figure out your plans. That'll make them more likely to happen.
    I don't know at this stage. Probably something pretty standard in an office.
    Hey man, sorry, I was away this weekend.

    Well, yes, if I could get a job as an author that would be my real job, but in the likely event that I can't immediately walk into a job as an author I'd want a job to sustain myself until that possibility was realised.
    Actually, I finish in September. Then I have to get a real job D:

    It's not true. Well, I think British people are more likely to have bad teeth than Americans because braces are a lot less common here, and there's less of a culture of braces standard teeth. In 90% of cases though that just means people have reasonably straight teeth that aren't quite braces straight. Generally that means people have one or maybe two teeth that are kind of wacky but generally not as noticeable as they think. So, no, not true really, but a little bit of a founding in reality.
    I didn't get a scholarship, no, I didn't apply for one either. While still very expensive, higher education in the UK is considerably cheaper than in the US. I'm lucky enough that my parents can afford it and are putting me through this year. If they were not doing this, I would not be able to take the qualification I am taking now as I don't think I would have qualified for funding, which only a very small number of people get as this is one of the best universities in the world.
    Honestly, no one springs to mind. Anyway, I'm off for the weekend so I won't be around for a couple days. I'll speak to you when I'm back (and have a think about the idol question).
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