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Princess Crow
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  • wow what the FUCK are youdoing with your life. I take pics of everything! Yet to do a toilet selfie but there'll be a time
    her still being there was reaaaalllly shock for me, dem plot twists

    I think her hell was having to torture innocent child which reminded her of everything wrong she did by giving the babies to hell and her own child too, like she finally realise the cost of eternal life. The bull guy she had time to get over i guess, dunno what really happened to him
    Nah i meant how broken she was by the end, very vulnerable: a mere shadow of her former self!!

    Voodoo bitch and delphy really got fucked over with their hells :< NOT BOQUITA!!!! I really hope there's a coven 2 series in the future
    I liked it tbh. Definitely didn't see how it could end in thatone ep but they did a pretty decent job. They should've cut out the filler zombie eps and added two more at end though
    Ah, yes, I remember that day like it was yesterday... Coke, pie, and the good 'ole jackhammer maneuver.

    I'll always remember getting down and frisky with you and that other lady twerking behind us.
    Dont worry about the bunny it was a nice thought, im the same way with my story thats why i gifted you the sharpedo i already have - story is nearly done tho and youve just made it so i have to write 5k less so thank you :D
    sorry i haven't found time for our gym battle. it's been on my mind, i just haven't been around much.
    But of course. Is the following list acceptableh?

    TM50-Substitute (5.5k), TM64-Protect (7k), TM45-Thunder Wave (3k), TM118-WilloWisp (3k), TM110-Focus Blast (5.5k)

    Total = 24k
    Okay, still good to trade Scraggy for a 15k TM Case? Park run is finally done so I can figure out the ones I want if you're still game.
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