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Recent content by Princess Crow

  1. Princess Crow

    Official BMGF Picture Thread Vol. 4

    I posted in here like once when I was probably only sixteen or something but now let's post an updated one! Taken about a week ago when I was hanging with the family in Texas.
  2. Princess Crow

    Which BMGf Member Would You Date?

    Re: Which BGMF Member Would You Date? Synthesis ;
  3. Princess Crow

    Getting "In the zone."

    I open up the necessary tabs on the internet, find a comfortable/quiet place, disconnect from the internet after all necessary information has been loaded, and then I finally begin writing. I get too distracted by the rest of the internet/other people, so if I'm ever not entirely by myself, I...
  4. Princess Crow

    What type would the user above be?

  5. Princess Crow

    Hello, new member here glad to be here

    Another Crow to join the pack! Ca-caw, Ca-caw!! That translates to "Welcome to BMG" but you already knew that because you're a crow. I hope you enjoy your time on the forums!
  6. Princess Crow

    Alphabetical Pokemon!

  7. Princess Crow

    A Pokemon Starting with V.2

  8. Princess Crow

    ITT You tell the above poster why their favorite Pokemon sucks.

    It's a polluted Horsea. Arcanine.
  9. Princess Crow

    Guess the next poster's favourite Pokemon

    Don't hate it, but I prefer Scyther more anyways. Alakazam?
  10. Princess Crow

    This or That! (Pokemon)

    Galvantula. Arcanine or Ninetales?
  11. Princess Crow

    POPULAR: Simple Questions, Simple Answers

    Not sure where exactly to put this, but here seems appropriate! Can anybody give advice on writing with emotion rather than writing straight-forward, if that makes sense? I've heard the expression used before countless times, all across the internet and real life too, but I've never really...
  12. Princess Crow

    Writers' Workshop General Chat Thread

    Random drop in: Slowpoketails are sold for an insanely high price. Perhaps the majority of the Pokemon world is vegetarian because they can't afford the extreme costs of being a carnivore? Also, hi everybody.
  13. Princess Crow

    Woohoo, we have made some hirings!

    Congrats, new mods! I'm sure you'll do fabulously!
  14. Princess Crow

    Rate the Pokemon above you [v2]

    7/10 - don't like its design that much, but its still pretty cool. Jolteon
  15. Princess Crow

    POPULAR: Need a Name Thread

    This is a great idea for a thread! I'll probably find myself using it all the time. Don't have a name I need suggestions with yet, but you can bet I'll be back here when I have one! What about Kaiser? Means Emperor in German, and I don't think it's too strange of a surname. I've met two...