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  • Ha ha ha no worry's, I can always help you compete your national pokedex again. Well the new Pokemon game is coming up, I'am sure we will have fun(If your getting the game of course). If you want you can PM me and we can talk more private, I do have a few secrets that I can share with you.
    Hey bro, I know you have some rare Pokemon and now I have some of my own. Want to have a friendly battle for fun.
    I would put it in Pokemon Video Games. It might be best to put it in the Simple Questions/Simple Answers thread instead of making a new thread because most questions concerning the games should go in there.
    Ready when you are! Don't forget to be online on the PSS and add me back, so I can see what your third Pokémon is!
    Hi! I noticed you didn't list your Safari's Pokémon. Do you want help with that? I could tell you your Safari's Pokémon and type. Welcome to the forums!
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