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  • Sorry it took so long, took forever to get Sneasel with Pickpocket <_< I'm ready and getting on wifi now.
    Ok, I have all of your pokemon ready. Aipom, Kecleon, and Dragonair, all female and caught in a Premier Ball. However, everytime I try to get online, it says it's undergoing maintenance.
    If you are fine with trading the Larvesta, sure. Otherwise, I'll take anything since it was a mistake catch on my part lol
    Also, meant to say I have a female Prankster Sableye in a premier ball, would you like it for free? I was catching for a diff trade and got them mixed up - the order was in a great ball and I caught it in a premier =/ If you don't want it, it's going in wonder trade lol
    Got them. I have the Shelgon as well in case you need it, but I'll keep that on hold since you can probably get it yourself in that safari XD I just got a Pansear safari and waiting on them to get online at the same time as me. I can trade you the 3 others now for the Torchic (F), Gligar (M), and Beldum? Or whenever you're free. My FC is 0216-1586-7473, IGN is Maj.
    Oh okay then! :) I'll go catch one for you now. My FC is 4554-1270-5039, and I'll add you soon.
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