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  • Hi, care to join my mafia game if you aren't too busy? I'm sure it'll be great to have you as a player ^^
    Oh yeah. I kept guessing what would happen throughout. "Norman did it! No wait it's a woman. It's Norman again! *gasp* It's the mother!" then I saw the cellar bit. That made me have nightmares for weeks but at least I got closure
    I love Psycho :3
    I think I just finished enough Pokemon for the Poison gym, now I need to reset to get a good Diancie for the Rock gym @[email protected]

    Ah yes thanks for reminding me about the Special split, not sure if Showdown can work that in but that would just be interesting (or broken?) to see XD A sweeping Tentacruel? Sign me up!

    With Electric, Poison and Rock gyms I am very prone to EQ spam @[email protected] But I like building creative sets so hopefully that'll throw opponents into a loop and have them thinking on their feet...I want them to win but they have to fight for it :O
    Thanks! Haha my copy of Destiny is staring me in the face, tempting me away from Pokemon breeding @[email protected]

    Oh wow I should take a better look at the new VGC rules...all I understood from it was the "blue pentagon" rule. They probably let some legends in to help control some of the stronger Mega Evolutions *coughs*MegaSalamence*coughs* I'm going to work out a Specs set, it's just so awkward that Dragalge's STAB gets messed up by Steel :p

    That actually gave me an idea of holding generation-specific tourneys :D I wonder how things would be on a Gen I tourney, Psychics would sweep through everything XD

    Ah I got Electric and Poison, and I'm co-managing Rock with another gym leader @[email protected] Since Electric didn't get any love from ORAS I decided to volunteer for another type (Poison) and we didn't have anyone for Rock so we had multiple leaders share management.
    Hey there! Ah just spent the weekend flying back home...still jetlagged but mostly happy to be home :D

    VGC's gonna be even more interesting, what with tutor moves and all new Pokemon being allowed for use. I was just messing around with Adaptability Dragalge on my TR team :D

    Haha sounds good but I'll have to take a rain check for now...I have to get cracking on teams for 3 different gyms @[email protected]
    It definitely is, I mean I have a 5 year old Leafeon from Pearl who had some older ribbons so it was agitating to find out she lost some.
    Not bad at all then~

    Mt time is PST, so your 3 Hours Ahead of me~ As for me I'll be available 5pm-2am So I think that matches the time.
    Well If you ever see me online, and send me a VM~ N vice versa 4 me~! I am Jeff~! Woosh~!
    It's nothing much. Thank you for Staryu. :)

    Ohh in that case some ribbons do merge into one ribbon to represent past gen accomplishments. So be wary you're not wasting your time.
    I'll get on then! :)

    Oh really so you haven't tried for like the amie one? x)

    There's also that, good point. xD
    Okay! :)

    You're definitely the first. And do you like getting ribbons on your favorite Pokemon then? :)

    So far I'm hanging in there so thanks!

    And it's fine, I know all too well being a moderator that glitches happen. xD
    Okay. :) I'll be ready to trade whenever you want just let me know and I'll hop on my X.

    Really? Well you're the first person I know that's the most excited over contests. xD But they're definitely fun! Personally I never had an interest in them before but now they're easier to participate in.

    I'm actually studying media art & animation for school as my major. ^^
    It won't keep the ball, but it will keep the ability. And honestly I would be okay with a bred one because of that. x)

    Ohh that'll be a nice Christmas gift to wake up to then. And I'm taking my time playing through it, and it honestly feels like it completes X/Y. Like together these two games would make one heck of a game.

    Oh pretty good! I'm finishing up a drawing and anatomy class which is teaching me the basics of animation, and how pencil tests work. Here's a pencil test I made for the class actually it's very shakey but heck it's my first try.
    Well it was a spare from cloning so I wouldn't mind at all. But I'd love the Staryu, I don't have an analytic one yet! So no I don't think it's unfair at all. :)

    True it has been awhile! I picked up my copy last Sunday, and I have 6 badges currently. How about you? :)
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