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  • No worries. I've just being having a lot of trouble on the forum recently, that's why I was a bit moody ;P
    Many thanks for correcting it though :D
    Sure am. I'll take your FC and meet you in there if that's good with you?
    Sorry I've been really busy. If you could VM me the next time your own and if you see me on, that'd be great. Thanks!
    Yeah I guessed it was accidental. But the Staryu was marked wrong anyway (do you mark them according to max IVs?). If you have the one that I wanted that's perfect! But I can't trade now cos I'm resetting for some of my giveaway stuff.
    31/27/4 or 5/30/31/31. iirc. I know I sounded a bit tetchy yesterday, and it was nothing against you, it's just being messed around gets annoying.
    Ok, so maybe I went too far saying I'll report you, now that I think about it. But i'm bored with people messing me about. And if it's a geniuine mistake on your behalf that's fine, but I want it correcting.
    Right, recently i bought an AR and can now IV check quickly using it. I checked that Staryu you traded me and it's IVs aren't what you said they were. I understand if you got it mixed up with another, but I would like this correcting, and want the one I asked for. If you don't have it I want the Clamperl/Huntail back. Failing that I'll just report you.
    Thanks for the Staryu! I already have a Timid one, so I can make a Modest set for this one :p
    Haha! You do that, the Cacnea's will probably be done by the weekend (I hope :D)
    Ah, ok. Hit me up then
    (or, give me the pokemon and I can breed it with my flawless ditto, and get one for you :)
    All right, thanks for the trade.

    You wouldn't mind trading for a IV'd Sneasel (with maybe some Egg Moves) for the Aura Mew down the line?
    Just looked in my inventory, I don't have a tru arceus, are you sure you dont mean michina? Or pokemon movie arceus?
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