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  • Courtesy of bluesun:

    Above: T-This is...
    Below: Find out the truth with your own eyes!
    To the right: Beside the two legendary Pokemon who glare at each other are N and That Man...
    Thanks. It's funny that some people are theorizing about a mysterious match because of a mistranslation.
    There is another translation floating around which says that Akuroma has been asked to do research for a match. Is that true? That translation looks unreliable, but I noticed that your sentence doesn't end with an exclamation mark. Did you miss something?
    There seem to be a lot of those medals (at least 45), as is being discussed in the Post-Unova thread. It would be a waste if they didn't have a worthwhile purpose.
    Thanks. I hope you're wrong about the medals being related to a mini-game, though. The context is unclear.
    Could you translate Akuroma's quote from the newest trailer? I'd also appreciate a translation of the quote about the medal.
    thank you :) i'll keep trying. even post some translations people know go against what i think (if i find them) so we can mix it up. tho i have to say i kind of hate both ice and maps maybe forever. XD
    The idea that kids are too busy to play Pokémon and yet adults aren't is really amusing to me. This point is worth mauling over. What did Masuda say in response?

    Thanks for taking the time to do this. Please try to get through the last part if you have more time. Based on what you've seen so far and your own understanding of it, would you say that the fansite that summed up Masuda's points might have exaggerated a bit?
    Could you watch Masuda's lecture? Since you posted in my thread, I assume you find the topic interesting. I would really appreciate it if you could explain what Masuda meant by appealing to university students, and why that had a negative impact on some kids.
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