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Recent content by Pyrax

  1. Pyrax

    What are some of the rarest Pokémon you currently have?

    The 2011 Celebi is up there. Iirc I went to my local GAME on Sunday (the 2nd and last day of the event) since I had homework the day before. I went to the mall, casually asked for the Celebi, and went home. Still have it and its friend Zorua to this day.
  2. Pyrax

    Which Pokémon do you think share common ancestors?

    All primate Pokemon definitely. There's the obvious Chimchar/Pansear and Grookey/Pansage, but maybe Mankey and Aipom too? Millions of years ago, there might've been a primate Pokemon who branched off into a Normal-type family and a Fighting-type family.
  3. Pyrax

    What video games are you playing now?

    Been playing Persona 5 Royal since this morning. Stole Kamoshida's treasure this afternoon and took a break at the end of April - ngl I'm very thankful for the Kuzunoha Tubes (legacy DLC) and Will Seeds saving and restoring SP. My first playthrough of the original P5 was around 96 hours - the...
  4. Pyrax

    Recent Gaming Purchases

    Persona 5 Royal off PSN. Can't play it yet though since I have assignments due early next month :confused:
  5. Pyrax

    Diamond & Pearl Anniversary

    And 14 years since the Japanese release, back when we had to wait for localisations :confused: Your dedication's something, that's for sure. I enjoyed Gen IV, in fact I still have my original Diamond to this day. I could see an announcement in early/mid 2021, just to avoid overshadowing the...
  6. Pyrax

    Contest Raikou vs. Entei vs. Suicune

    I'm partial to Raikou because of the Legend of Thunder specials and overall design. Those sabreteeth and raincloud cape are fantastic details.
  7. Pyrax

    Rate the video game music above

    9/10. Fantastic guitar, has that relaxing aesthetic that'd be good for listening to while studying. I especially like the vocals(?) around the 1:27 mark.
  8. Pyrax

    May 2019 Press Conference: Where Are They Now?

    It's been what, 6 months since SwSh came out? HOME's already out, so I wonder what's keeping TPC from revealing more info on Sleep :unsure: This is more about last year's press conference and not the next one
  9. Pyrax

    New Pokemon Species Discussion

    Still disappointed we didn't get a Pokemon based on Black Shuck. Maybe it could've been Fairy/Ghost or Dark/Ghost? Instant favourite. Still waiting for more whales and sharks too.
  10. Pyrax

    Do you get attached to your teams?

    I spend ~30 hours with my ingame teams, it'd be hard for me not to get attached to them. I have several boxes on Bank dedicated to old parties organised by region (FRLG, then HGSS/Crystal, and so on). I think the oldest Pokemon were my team from Diamond? So it dates back 13 years.
  11. Pyrax

    Rate the video game music above

    8/10 Cheese Boy, because of his name and clothes? Love the guitar throughout. And since the remake's coming out soon:
  12. Pyrax

    What video games are you playing now?

    Casually playing FF7 in between Uni work. Bought it on PSN a couple of days ago and I haven't even left Midgar yet.
  13. Pyrax

    Speculation Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky Remake Speculation

    Red/Blue Rescue Team were remade into one game, so I could see something similar for Explorers. Or at the very least a Sky remake due to the extra content. That said, Explorers of Darkness is one of my favourite Pokemon games so I would love to see a remake if DX sells well. Imagine in Switch...
  14. Pyrax

    New Pokemon Species Discussion

    Zarude: Sandstorm I like the design better than Zeraora and Meltan/Melmetal tbh. It's animalistic, and the red eyes are a nice detail.
  15. Pyrax

    What are your game headcanons?

    I've been thinking of a few. Pokemon Centres offer a selection of snacks and healthy meals for trainers. Outside food is allowed of course - pizzas and takeaways are classic favourites. Nurse Joy doesn't mind older trainers (~late teens/early 20s) bringing in alcohol, so long as they're legally...