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  • I COMPLETELY agree 100%. That's the type of music that I like. Meaning behind it that doesn't talk about relationships and how much money you have. I think our generation is going down-hill pretty fast when it comes to music. I mean, now we have Drake. COME ON! Could we have done any worse? Wait, I take that back. We probably will do much worse. So much bad music! But to get back to "songs that actually have meaning", I really liked the song "Where the Wild Things Are" (by Metallica, if you didn't know :p). I think it's about young kids at war. How about you?
    Metallica. DUH. They're just TOO awesome. One thing I absolutely love about Metallica is that they can be positive and still are a metal band. But Megadeth are a lot less positive and more unforgiving. Besides, I just think Metallica's songs are way better, and James Hetfield's voice is so much bettwer than Dave Mustaine. Though I still like Megadeth. They have pretty good songs, some of the ones I like the most are: The Scorpion and I Thought I Knew It All. And these two band are always debated. But what annoys me is that a lot of fans criticize Metallica more for some of there bad albums, and criticize less over Megadeth's bad albums. Annoys me. A lot.
    Lol, I know what you mean. But I was always more of a heavy-metal/metal/thrash metal/hard rock kind of girl :p So I don't like much of soft rock. But what band do you prefer: Megadeth OR Metallica?
    Yeah, S&M is really their best live album.
    My favorite bands other than Metallica? Well, I used to LOVE KISS. When I was younger (7-8) I got into KISS, and preferred the soft rock instead of hard rock/metal. Then I got older (9ish/10-now) I got into more of the harder stuff. I still like KISS a bit, but not too much. And to answer your question, I would have to say Iron Maiden as my second favorite band. They're just too good <3
    I agree with you. I prefer the new music too. I never really got into the older ones, but I still liked them. And favorite album? I don't have one. It's just too hard! But what's harder is to choose your favorite song. I can't. It's impossible. Seriously. BUT I usually have this thing where I listen to one Metallica song, then I get hooked on it for a while, then stop, then listen to another song, and the cycle goes on. Right now that song is Of Wolf And Man (S&M version).
    I've got to say, your music taste is brilliant. Metallica's my favorite band as well. Favorite albums: Ride The Lightning and The Black Album.
    Yeah, I really despise Dubstep. I don't see what's so cool about it. It just hurts my ears. By the way, Metallica is coming with a new album soon, but they didn't tell us how soon (this was a while ago). If it's as good as Hate Train (from the Beyond Magnetic album) then I will be happy. Very happy. Lulu wasn't really that good... but that was because of Lou Reed, not Metallica. I loved the music, just hated the so-called "singing".
    Very good taste in music, I see. I'm proud to see people knowing what real music is, instead of some music of today. No offense if you like some modern music (I like some too, but I'm talking about in general) it sucks. Bad.
    My FF.Net name is SVDRagunov. But I haven't written a story for a year since I wrote a story about Call of Duty 4's alternative ending in last year. I actually have an idea for a PS fanfic, but it is very awkward for some reasons (Not lemons, but some really strange reasons!).
    Yeah, I heard of her. I definitely liked many of her PS arts, although I knew some other artists in dA that is good in drawing, too, such as CarinaT (Mostly Misty), and many else. I also have a dA account under the name SKazama, and most of the good PS arts are in my favourites (Mostly in the "SatoKasu" collection)

    And due to that reason, you might want to try a YouTube downloader and try to download the good vids/AMVs, so at least you still have a personal back-up copy to watch should the one on YouTube gets killed (Unfortunately, there's nearly nobody who dared to upload PS AMVs/Pokemon episodes/movies as their accounts will be suspended in a flash should they get caught doing that :( ). And the download time shouldn't hurt either, especially in a country that has good connection like UK. Unlike here, in which that the connection is still somewhat slow.
    It's even worse here. In here, DP is still at the 50th episode. But then, yeah, the anime feels so different without the original trio in it (And also TR for some hilarity). But then, at least I am still enjoying to watch DP because there's still TR in it, and it makes me cracked up everytime they blast off into the stratosphere.

    Oh, and I am just wondering, why did YT (And ShoPro) always like hellbent to remove all the good AMVs, shipping hints (Esp. Pokeshipping), and the episodes from that site? It is really annoying to me (Event though that I can understand that they had "Copyright" reasons to do it). How do you feel?
    Yeah, I agree with you. My 2nd fav would be Brock as he made the show very funny. Without him in the show, we won't see him gets pwned by his own Croagnuk (If I'm not mistaken. I don't really know much about Sinnoh Pokemons), or gets ear-pulled by Misty, or Max (The former, on some cases can even do an insane one-handed throw by just pulling his ear like in the "The Princess and the Togepi" episode in AG) whenever he approaches a girl. That kind of moment actually made me enjoyed the series too, as I love how many times Brock has been pwned in those circumstances. Aside for that, I also love to see TR blasting off over, and over, and over again, yet they still never gave up trying to catch Ash's Pikachu. Too bad that AFAIK, TR now appears seldomly in BW (If they have ever appeared there).
    Well, that's okay. Everyone has their preferences.

    Anyways, who is your favourite character in the anime? My fav character is Misty (As stated in my user title). How about you?
    I actually did a similar thing to you. When discovering the ships at Pokemon, I didn't really care as much as now, but then, after I watched some other episodes (Mainly GCYL and the 2nd Movie (Pokemon 2000/The Power of One/Revelation Lugia), I became a true Pokeshipper.

    And aside of Pokeshipping, what ships did you support? I also support Contestshipping, Wishfulshipping, HeatTagshipping, Ikarishipping, Handymanshipping, and for some really strange reasons, I also like the ships that would contradict normally contradict Pokeshipping, such as Masumishipping, and Orangeshipping. How about you?
    Hi, RadioactivCharmander! I want to ask something to you. Ever since you start to like Pokeshipping? Mine was like in late 2009 when I have just entered the anime fandom, and started reading the hints at Bulbapedia. I thought that the hints are obvious enough, and it started to make me believe that Ash and Misty are a couple. How about you?

    Oh, and if you don't know, this is the same COD04MW from youtube.
    Hi there! Thank YOU for the great idea! I had so much fun while drawing it :3
    I'm very happy you like the outcome, that means a lot for me
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