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  • Got it. Male Hasty Murkrow with Insomnia. Egg received August 24, 2010, egg hatched August 25, 2010. Hatched in National Park. Highly persistent characteristic.
    Been busy EV training my guys. Latios is gonna be finished either today or tomorrow. Then I can get your Murkrow.
    If that's all you got out of the article then I'm very sorry. It was my observation that significant sections of the fandom had convinced themselves that Jynx was ganguro, plain and simple, and that any suggestions of racism were nonsense. I found this to be a rather alarming and self-deluding state of affairs: people didn't want to give any serious consideration to the thought that there may have been racist imagery involved at some level. The article was supposed to demonstrate that the situation was more complex than many fans wanted to admit, and that there were legit reasons for the racism complaints. Still, sorry for wasting your time.
    The conclusion is that you can come to your own conclusion. This is just one of those cases where there are lots of compelling arguments but not enough evidence to elevate one above the others.
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