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  • I'm going to put it on one of my party Pokemon, so I'll need you to trade them back after you take the stone off.

    Also, as a general warning to everyone who does something with me over Wi-Fi, my internet is ass and susceptible to stop at any given time for long periods, so please bare with me~
    Alright, thanks for the revisions!

    I should point out that since I am covering the family instead of per-generation, all the Porygons will be covered at once. If you want to revise that opinion to reflect that, you may do so.
    Do you want to change your opinion on the Jigglypuff family? They're part-Fairy, so I thought that maybe it needs some update. Since I am doing the Pokemon based on family, you can refer to the three members in the Jigglypuff family. The same could be for the Porygon family, where you can reference the whole family (whereas you only mentioned Porygon-Z last time).

    If you don't know what I'm talking about, I am referring to the Normal-type reviews, and now I am in the process of getting those done (after a long period of laziness, I admit).
    I don't think that sounds... right...

    Hey, at least my age is a prime number again. Not 11, of course, but 19 is cool too~
    I want to train an Ursaring to Toxic/Flame Orb+Facade, but I can't decide between Quick Feet and Guts, and I can't decide between Protect and Swords Dance, and I can't decide between Adamant and Jolly. I kinda want to go with Guts+Flame Orb+Swords Dance+Adamant because it would just max out my power, and instead of focusing on Speed, focus more on its pretty decent base HP, alongside not taking increasing damage from the Toxic Orb used for Quick Feet. But I can really see where Quick Feet+Toxic Orb+Jolly would come in handy. What are your suggestions?
    Appearance-wise, I wasn't too keen on all the random stripes, nor the derpy-looking nose. In fact, I don't get why its in-game model lacks the sawtooth-like horns on its nose, seen in the official art. However, it has grown on me a bit over time. Not the best Mega design I've ever seen, but certainly not the worst.

    As for battle, I wish it had more Attack, but that Strong Jaw is just plain ridiculous. 180-power Crunch is absolute murder, and Ice Fang is actually a good move now. Also loving the fact that Sharpedo itself has Speed Boost, allowing it to set itself up automatically for a sweep before it goes Mega.
    I was like that too. It's dead simple, lather up with shaving foam, use razor and glide over areas, repeat each area to suit you. The key is just to take it as slow as your face demands it, some people cut easier than others. Now and then I'll bleed, usually on my chin, doesn't really hurt it's just annoying. As far as I'm concerned, if you prefer an electric razor, just keep with it. Either way, you're keeping your face baby-smooth.

    I seem to get get a smoother finish when I use a regular razor, it probably takes the same amount of time though.
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