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Rainbow Cloud
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  • I am quite well today, considering that school is ending this week.
    Yes you can ask to not be nominated in future rounds of KoP. If you don't want to participate in the KoP anymore write it in a post in the thread at the end of this round.
    Thinking about changing my username again and whether or not I should go back to RainbowCloud. Can't change my username again for ages yet though, I could also change back to ShadowUmbreon, my first username here or try out a new username I've been thinking of trying out. Maybe I should just stick with Dragoniteshy?
    Come on, it's not that hard after all. You made it to Top 3, so if the other two get to win before ya, you'll still win a round in the end. (It may not be 3rd, but you have 12 tries). 5th is hard to accomplish normally, the only way to make it exactly happen is through a "DRAGONITESHY for 5th place!" thing...

    If you want it that badly, I can start voting you down as soon as we reach the Top 5 next round :LOL:
    Remember that your "2nd" would be 1st if not for "KAKUNA MATATA FOR CASHIER!" thing :))
    But really, I have never heard of people who like to come 5th (with the exception of some like Burgundy who haven't ever been over 5th, so that's a record :)))
    Good luck to you too! I guess sometimes we have to vote people down in popularity contests...
    I have no clue. Three downs is a no, but one may be possible. It would really help me as well, cuz now I have to down people I like just to vote them up after twelve hours (to make it look eqal)

    Still, if everyone downs only one the game will never end:)
    Just too busy. It's Easter here, and everything's in full swing...
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