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  • Yeah, I'll be away for some time. Do you have a facebook page? If you feel like it, I can send you an fr there so we can stay in contact?
    Yes, but Gible isn't exactly as popular as Pikachu. I doubt evolving it would cause some serious decrease in sales of merchandise.

    Probably in the next league. But not unova. Its likely to be crap.
    Hmm, there have been many cases where a Pokemon which can evolve quickly took ages to evolve. I don't think there is a set time for evolution in the anime.

    Yep, I have seen all the movies till m14 now. That was a good battle, too, especially the scene where he is about to attack zard's throat.
    I wish they would have evolved Gible into Garchomp who is overwhelmingly good. Well, I would say Ash vs Gary was a pretty perfect battle, tbh.
    Frankly, I think Tobias was just introduced randomly so that they could finish sinnoh ASAP since the gen 5 games were about to be released and they wanted to move to best wishes quickly.
    Yeah, the writing is pretty bad. I just say movie 14 and it has a load of unexplained stuff.

    I never liked Arceus much. They just stretched the legends of Sinnoh a bit too far, imo.
    I've had the best times with Airtel tbh. Yeah, I hate the speed drop after your broadband limit runs out.:/

    Have you seen the Pokemon movies?
    Hmm, Kohli sounds good, although I like Dhoni's calm temperament.

    You watch any other anime, like those which come on Animax?
    Hmm, he did look older and mature in d/p, so b/w ash came to me as a shock. And Pikachu losing to snivy was...bad writing, I would say. I hope he wins the league this time.

    Watching the test match?
    I was devastated when they reset him and announced that he was 10 again. I am pretty happy TR is gone, tbh. They were getting stale in dp. Yeah it is fast but I think that is because I believe that we will see gen 6 released soon.

    You watch Cricket or Football?
    I watched the anime from the start as well. Have fond memories from the Original saga. I have watched all the way till the start of b/w, but b/w is not as fun as d/p imo. I have played the games since 2003 as well. I played white last year.

    Have you watched b/w so far?
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