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Recent content by Rajagopal90

  1. R

    PREVIEW: BW120 "The White Ruins! Satoshi VS N!!"

    The Golurk appearing in this episode may belong to one of TP's grunts(like magnezone)..
  2. R

    REVIEW: BW118: N's Secret... To The Other Side of the Mist!

    Can someone answer my doubts,, 1. Why did Reshiram destroy the castle?? 2. What reason did Ash & co end up in Dragonspiral tower??
  3. R

    PREVIEW: BW119: Rocket-dan VS Plasma-dan! Nyarth and Achroma!!

    Are the Genesect appearing in some computer/flashback version or in reality.. Would be great if they debuted in anime(reality) before the movie...
  4. R

    Pokémon Best Wishes Series 2 Decolora Adventure! (April 25th)

    Re: Pokémon Best Wishes Series 2 Dekoroa Adventure! (April 25th) A nice ending to BW saga. Sad that Cilan is leaving after all he hasnt got much focus compared with Iris. But anyways if upcoming eps showcase him a bit more then i would be happy to see him off. Iris's dragonite is meeting with...
  5. R

    REVIEW: BW117: Plasma-dan's Ambition! The Controlled Pokémon!!

    This episode is just average.. Loved to see the battle between Charizard vs Dragonite & Haxorus team although its too short.. Would be better if it had a result. None of those got hit by other's attacks. Colress was the center of attention throughtout the episode though its not admirable. Whats...
  6. R

    REVIEW: BW116: Burn, Lizardon! VS Kairyu!

    What an awesome episode.. Just tears remain in my eyes on seeing those flashbacks.. Re-animated or not - who cares..,, am happy that i got to see good old Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Pidgeotto.. Mostly i liked those flashbacks from "Snow way out".. Also that ep when Ash left Charizard in...
  7. R

    Charizard vs. the Dragon of Fire

    Charizard battling Reshiram is really awesome to watch.. Remember the days when Charizard battled legendary Articuno during a gym battle, and the Entei created by Unown's illusion(more powerful than the real one). Seemingly it won one battle and lost the other. Well past experiences do favor...
  8. R

    PREVIEW: BW116 "Burn up, Lizardon! VS Kairyu!!"

    Does Charizard stil knows its previous moves Overheat,Dragonbreath... I could see only Flamethrower,Steel wing(sort of),Slash/Metal claw.. And is seismic toss existing in the anime??
  9. R

    REVIEW: BW114: N, Again! Operation Rescue Warrgle!!

    N is an extreme version of Ash,, but its also nice to know when a man gets hurt badly even when its not his pokemon.. I think N would probably even die to save Braviary from TP. Ahh well its our heroes just in time to save the day and N's plan is too good for grunts to realise they were fooled...
  10. R

    REVIEW: BW113: The Foggy Sangi Ranch! Denryu's Light!!

    Nice filler,, reminds me of johto fillers(there many were boring).. Humorous when Ampharos tries to herd mareep but ends up getting shocked.. Atlast it was TR,, which again helps the episode to end in a good note by completing the reason why its been created..
  11. R

    REVIEW: BW111: The New Gym Leader - Cheren!

    Very ordinary episode frankly speaking.. How many times did we see a pokemon shocking a trainer/caretaker(here Cheren). Good debut for him. And what is with Oshawott?? Its enthusiastic and wants to fight,,agreed but how much time can it rely on its scalchop for defense.. Somethi else has to...
  12. R

    PREVIEW: BW120 "The White Ruins! Satoshi VS N!!"

    The episode title says its Ash vs N.. My doubt is whether they fight each other or its just a war of words(ideals of both). Its very critical at this point but both must co-operate if they have to stop TP..
  13. R

    PREVIEW: BW118 "N's Secret To The Other Side of the Mist"

    Great to know that the episode may travel into N's past abt his childhood pokemon friends, how Ghetsis adopted N and it must be interesting to know how they entered into a feud... One more thing is that Ash must come to know all about N so that both of them can react in a good wavelength.
  14. R

    PREVIEW: BW117: Plasma-dan's Ambition! The Controlled Pokémon!!

    Re: BW117: Team Plasma's aspiration! The manipulation of Pokémon! Haxorus being controlled!!!!! I think this could be a great battle if Dragonite/Charizard fight it to bring it out of TP's control. This is gonna be pretty interesting :)
  15. R

    PREVIEW: BW122 "Reshiram VS N! Beyond Truth and Ideals!!"

    Re: BW??? - Climax I sincerely hope that this is not the climax to Episode N or BW series. Come on,, we just roughly had some 8+ eps(BW109-BW116 & 3 eps yet to be numbered,may be climatic). These episodes just focus on N as just a minor recurring character and we dint even get to see him in a...