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  • Here's another Dark-type article, which deals with Unexplored Type Combinations.

    Thanks for reading.
    I'm not able to see so i can't pick one to use, otherwise it'd probibly be something to do with either of my two favorite pokemon, Azumarill and mew and or my favorite singer, Kirsty hawkshaw. but sinse i can't see and don't know how to do so i can't create one, or believe me i would.
    Well, it's been quite a while, Jackie.

    Truthfully, Pokemon has lost most of my interest, as I have become a more hardcore anime fan, but I'll try to visit every so often.
    Come pop by my page and comment on my blog. all nighter poke rama discussion , ask questions or answer questions or tell stories.
    All of the other shipping threads are "Shipping General Discussion Thread" so we changed it for uniformity. And because it's easier for new members to see that it's a discussion thread, not a social group or chat tread.
    Not all of the warnings are directed to one such person. Just because you (rightfully) credited the individual artists does not mean that everyone has and will.

    And another thing. We would except and accept welcomes if the poster in question posts something that is on topic. Posting on topic and adding to the discussion are pretty rudimentary things we expect out of members, especially our veterans whom we expect to lead by example. We have the Garden Grotto for introduction threads, and shipping threads are not really the place for those. We are more forgiving when it comes to the social connecting aspect, but in general we would definitely prefer if the existing members provided their posts - regardless of what they may be - with more substance.

    For example, if I were a new member asking to join.
    Me: Hi, I'm new, may I post here?
    You'd respond: Of course, welcome!

    That post in an of itself would be considered unacceptable because it doesn't add anything to the discussion. If your response contained say, a response to a topic or a new topic or a question related to Advanceshipping to the new member, that would be acceptable.
    The support is much appreciated. Didn't know I was missed ^^'
    Finals. Tons and tons of finals. They're done know, but still. It is a dreaded word I hate to use. Finals. BLEH.
    Well! I do know how to contact him but not sure he gonna read it immediately or not. Go to quicktopic(Search in google) and search for "advanceshipping".

    There. I'm sure he gonna answer but don't know how long he gonna answered it. Hope it help!

    Or maybe I can gave you a link!

    Advanceshipping Contests - QuickTopic free message board hosting

    They're my readers and reviewers from Fanfiction lol. Expect more when the contest is done. I've just been busy lol
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