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  • Thanks for your support, RJW. <3 And you're right, we don't want to discourage people from posting, we just want people to be a bit more mindful of their posts. :)
    I'm aware of these terms (I actually remember when TVTropers was a much smaller wiki lol) xD /lurker queen~

    Imo that discussion is relevant to any shipping fandom. It makes uh, how can I explain... It makes the environment "less stressful and abrasive" lol. When I see "Misty wants to kill May" or "Drew is May's biggest threat" (Actually... I think he would love that title lol.) it just make me laugh or go "ewww, weird person" lol xD but I see how raging preaching can affect younger fans and more sensitive shippers. And some of these people bring awesome ideas to fandom, it's kinda sad how often I see a fanfiction writer or a fanartist getting hurt with bashing and stopping showing their shipping work on the web because they don't want to get hurt.

    But I can understand why a mod asked you to not touch that subject, your post was peaceful and nice but it kinda attracts troubleful discussion if people lose their temper haha xD After all, once in a while Bulbagarden/Serebii's shipping forums are kinda dangerous and prone to burn into flames lol. It happens all the time hahaha
    Since mod asked to not discuss this in the Contestshipping thread~

    Personal experience, I've met Advancedshippers who are quite vocal and enjoy telling the world "Misty/Drew is awful, abusive, totally not compatible with Ash/May"... But [of course!] not every Advanceshipper is like that xD Usually it's the preaching intolerant fanbrat portion that makes people go "gosh, I hate the shippers". Honestly? Most shipping fandoms got their share of problematic fans ("I hate Brianna/Brendan" Contestshippers, "Paul is horrible and mean" Pearl/Penguinshippers, "this is disgusting" from anti-yaoi fans, "this is utterly boring" from anti-het fans... The list is huuuge!) and I wish too we didn't have so many of these. /shrug

    Well, brat and crazy shippers everywhere, lol. They're (unfortunately) so loud, hahaha... IMO one nice fan is enough to prove that not all [something]shippers are bad. If you don't like when Advanceshippers incite negative discussion, maybe it's easier just to endorse them to not do that - they will calm down. That's what I do with intense people who happens to like the same pairings I do - it usually works well because intense fans usually listen to their shipping fellows - they barely care when you say "most of our shippers aren't like that, please don't get mad at us" to the conflicting pairing fandom.... Works fairly well, trust me xD

    Shipping is not a holy war that you must prove you're right and grab as much followers as possible so your pairing will become canon hehe~ Wish more people could understand that. We just want to have fun! :D

    Sorry for the long rant but I thought your post was an interesting point to discuss about, hehe.
    Yeah, I was originally planning on doing something like that when I reached a certain number of fics. Idk, I'll see if I can think of something to fix it.
    Hey jack I didnt know I haven't said sorry to you yet. Most of the trouble we've gotten into like all the fanfiction topics were a lot my fault and I know you're a veteran so I'm sorry.
    you guessed it ;) School has been...brutal this year, to say the least. But fortunately it's summer soon, so I'll have more time on my hands again for things I like to do :)

    (and isn't it crazy - the advanceshipping thread is exploding with activity! It reminds me of the old thread so much...)
    Always a pleasure Ranger, I missed you :) Glad to be back. I hope I can stay for longer this time too. xD
    In any case, hope you are well and that you're having a wonderful day!
    Don't mind me. I'm just here pimping out my new blog entry

    Nothing to see here....
    Ok then you can check my latest thread posts then. They're called,reset,walk away, and money power and respect. I've gotten better since then but I don't feel like posting all my new stories.
    That's alright, don't worry about it. I do agree with you that Gen II did introduce a lot of bad Pokemon. Where to begin. Shuckle, Magcargo, Misreavus, Sneasel, Dunsparce, Sudowoodo, Piloswine, Mantine, Sunflora... the list goes on. My point was that just because there are a lot of bad Pokemon, doesn't mean there aren't plenty of good ones too. Maybe it was the way you worded it ("most Gen II Pokemon are forgettable") that set me off.

    Also, I agree that they could have done a better job showcasing the Gen II Pokemon and that, barring Clair and Whitney, the Gym Leaders were generally very weak. I also wasn't a fan of the new plot (it had so much potential with TR trying to induce evolution forcibly on Pokemon...but then it fizzled out when it turns out that they were just crying for Giovanni.)
    Lol well if you ever go on Fanfiction.net maybe you can analyze my fics lol. I got the same name there. An not sure what tropes are but ill look them up
    ...sorry...well I still hope you enter lol. From what I've seen you're a veteran here so I'm sure you would be a top contender.
    Damn jack! I just read the boy who held the world. I think that's what its called.....amazing! I love how you blended the poem in between the story and just went along with it. Had no idea you were such a good writer. You really should participate in the contest!
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