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  • Seems like it at times. I do think the dub fucks up at times but the raw makes a ton of weird mistakes to.

    I guess the language barrier just makes it easier to notice when the dub does so in regards to dialogue changes.
    Ah, glad to hear it and I appreciate that you recognise when its best to end a debate.

    I've always wondered what it is about the dub that causes these things. The raw can be just as bad at times.
    A Fire Flower, from Super Mario Bros., in retro style.

    Also, I am done with another Dark-type, although it's not a review this time. It's called "Selected Useful Dark-type moves".

    That's it for now.
    I'm only one of a long line of people like this. I knew a friend who was permabanned for harassment, and when you talk to him elsewhere he's as normal as can be.

    If you know enough about this place, then I think someone as intelligent as you would take to leaving a long time ago. I see bans around the corner if I were to speak of the things that used to go on here, or the things that still do.

    I would PM you a quote of the PM I sent to a person on PC detailing the incident if you'd like. It's not what's crafted for the public's eyes, as you saw a while back, and sometimes I wish it was to make the whole thing simpler.
    That's cool. Everyone has their own opinions. :) I just hate it when people start disrespecting others because they have different views, not that I'm saying you're one of them. You're actually a very sweet friend. :-D

    Have you seen the Pokemon Black and White films?
    Aqua Blue seems to be the most popular. I like the Colbat Blue 3DS. It looks better than Aqua Blue. ^^

    Are you going to get more 3DS games this year? I'd like to get Mario Kart 7 and Kid Icarus.
    Nice! I'm also a 3DS ambassador. :) What color is your 3DS? Mine is Aqua Blue. I wish I had the Zelda limited edition 3DS. It looks so cool. XD

    For 3DS I have: Pokémon Rumble Blast, Super Mario Land 3D, Rayman 3D, Super Street Fighter IV and, of course, the ambassador games. ^^
    Yeah, I know guys who aren't interested in that stuff.

    But the thing about Avatar, I also thought of the colonel as a cool character, I think it's a shame that he got impaled by the two arrows at the end.
    Hey, read your comment on my blog. I don't blame you for saying that stuff.

    Excuse me if this sounds dumb, but I believe that part of being a guy is supporting the military, and liking fictional characters based off of them.
    I know it's been over a year since we last talked. ^^ So how are things?

    I have a 3DS with some games :) Do you have a 3DS?
    Well, apparently, the war on Pandaria is only "the calm before the storm", so I guess they'll just have everyone fighting until the Legion decides to actually fulfil their role as the main Warcraft bad guys again and everyone will join together.

    I stopped paying for the game in August last year. I just keep up with the law and hang around Moonguard.
    The Horde are destroying her city, capturing and torturing her and later kidnapping Andiun on Pandaland.

    Oh and then the majority of the Horde starts hating Garrosh at some point and Varian goes into Orgrimmar to save orc kids while the Horde reclaims Orgrimmar for Metzen's self insert at the end of MoP.

    I'm hoping the elves of both factions as well as the Draenei get to do something cool in the future.
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