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  • They allow the person to truely make the game their own. Oh, Wifi compatability. That's a big bonus for a game, considering I love to interact with friends :)
    I didn't care for some of the remixes either. I hated Vermillion City's theme (and I usually loved it). I don't quite understand your plan for school. Do you mean that you'll take your classes now and have a free fall, or have a free summer and take classes in the fall?
    Yeah, thats why I loved playing SS, it gave me a nonstalgic feeling the whole way through (and the diffferences were minor in the most part, so it was ok with me). I never played PSZ before, so I can't give my opinion on the game sadly :(

    I'm doing pretty good. For the summer I joined a tennis team and its been going pretty good so far. I'm having a lot of fun in it. How are you doing?
    Don't worry about it I've been gone away alot too. That's awesome that u got hg! I played ss, so it was somewhat different, but pretty much the same. We may have to hook up at time on wifi :)
    well, the ds has a mic...but mine doesnt work. you cant ever understand what im saying. how about one or two more battles, we can start now if you want.
    Im ready when you are, though mine could stand to be trained just a bit more. just message me whenever you wanna go again :)
    yes that was very fun! just a word of advise, if you play with people competitively, a lot of times the rules will say something about switching pokes. I dont really mind if you withdraw but some people do :/ Also, ill be ready in just a few minutes
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