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  • I see your Shogunate Macabre, and raise you one Ghost Thief album from Living Sacrifice. =P

    Though this Whispered album is sick. Was this just released recently?
    Sorry, When you said you replied to "the thread" I thought you meant the PG one. xD But you raised some good points. Unfortunately, I had already posted the SU thread by then. Yeah, I went with the traditional trainer school *slaps self*

    I had thought about doing a magic school type deal, but I felt it'd just be a ripoff of Harry Potter, so I strayed away from that. This is my first time ever being the GM for a roleplay, though, so I figured something easy would be a good starting point. Is it overdone? Of course, but like I said before, I plan to have some twists in there to differentiate it from the standard "trainer school" type thing. Now the PMD one... you might be on to something there. Perhaps another time, eh?
    I talked to them about it and they didn't mind. I was just trying to change the story to fit the time continuum. I apologize for the confusion.
    sorry for the wait. I already posted my part. I tried my best to chane the whole story. I hope my post is alright. let me know if there's something wrong.
    Pirate Metal... that's a genre I've never heard of until now. xD

    But heck yeah, this is a good song! :D
    Well, X here was really eager to please Shango. After all, it was his dream to be a pirate of the Seawolves. xD
    I almost went crazy for your pirate RP. then I found it was pokemon only. oh well. I just could see the perfect pokemon trainer pirate/
    Hmm, it depends. I believe any kind of writing, whether you're writing a research paper, or fan-fiction, or your own original story, will help you improve. I think people should practice with a familiar universe first, or even non-fiction, before attempting to establish their own. That being said, creating your own universe would provide a lot more practice, but it's really difficult. You have to establish the rules and boundaries of your world, and then make sure everything you create fits inside those boundaries, lest you fall to the dreaded deus ex machina.

    I think it's a bit arrogant for Martin to claim that his method is the only method that works. Preposterous. Doing something is practicing. You can't just pick up a guitar and start creating musical masterpieces, you have to start playing familiar pieces first. I think the same applies to writing, and pretty much any kind of skill that you wish to develop.
    It's not impossible, it's just difficult, like any other career I feel. It's just a matter of applying yourself. Writing fan-fics and RPing is a good step though, and your reasoning is similar to mine. I write fan-fics partly because it's good practice, and partly because I really enjoy the established universe/characters, and it's just fun too.
    I've dabbled in writing a few times. I'm not the best nor do I claim to be, but it's a hobby of mine. I have some fan-fics on here (because I'm a super-geek! xD) and I'd like to turn it from a hobby into a career if the opportunity presented itself.
    Heh, that's the idea. I had an idea for a character who, on the outside, acted like a ruffian and a tough guy, but secretly had good intentions for his actions. He's a rebellious teenager, what can I say? xD
    No, I haven't! What is this sound mercilessly assaulting my ears? It's glorious!

    Seriously, I have not heard of this group, but it's pretty freakin' amazing, I must say! I'm sure the answer is yes, but have you ever heard of this group?
    I'm a huge fan of Dream Theater. Their songs are a tad long (My favorite song, Octavarium, is a whopping 23:58 long!), but they're really good.

    I'll listen to pretty much anything, but I have a strong preference for metal, specifically metalcore, extreme metal, and death metal. xD
    "I did not mean to blow your mind, but that s*** happens to me all the tiiiiiiiiiiiiime! ♪" xD

    Thank you for having me aboard, captain! Definitely sounds like fun! :D
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