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  • Rayne, let me make a new thread. Milka has changed. She isn't as depressed anymore. Which means less drama will happen. Less spamming will go on in the conversational chat thread.... Some of the people here will leave if a new one isn't made....
    I'm late noticing this... but thank you for locking RM. ^^; I was getting very tired of how the newbies were turning it into a drama stage. D:
    I dunno if it's worth reopening to be honest... don't get me wrong, I loved RM since my days as a newbie. I just don't like what's been happening there as of late. :/ It used to have an atmosphere that attracted everyone, but lately all of the drama/flaming/etc. has made it into a forum "no man's land". ;-; I hope that changes soon.
    Can you PM me when the RM thread is back online?
    You don't have to if its too much of a hassle but it would be nice.
    I'll be sure to advice you. So far, we're using the Checks and Balances method as I make rules, which I hope you'll go over with me in private when you have the time.

    Take care! :3
    To be honest, I see that happening day in and day out. And I can't do anything to stop it, especially when you or the other two aren't on. I regrett not applying for Moderator months ago.

    Right now I'm discussing it with a few good others. Would you like to join?
    So closing the thread...

    Was it due to a large amount of negativity, or did something more happen?
    I was a bit surprised by the RM thread closing, but I think it was for the best. I appreciate you stepping in. It was getting to the point that I actually didn't want to go there.
    I still don't see the problem though. If people have that big of a problem with it, they could just stay away from the thread on their own accord.
    Hey Rayne yeah you got me XP
    Pretty good Im in my senior year now in school nd its going pretty well so far. I have all the classes I want. I also got my license and a car for my birthday so Im happy about that too.
    Hows it been with you?
    Rayne btw can you please do something to Random Messege thread.Alot of crap is going on and its causing lag.Can you do something to calm it down?
    [continued from last]

    I guess I'll join you in the waiting game, though I'm purchasing white when it comes out. Ever since Red and Blue, Kiratwig and I have had a system. He would buy the version that is usually stated first (Red, Gold, Ruby ect.) and I would buy the one that proceeded (Blue, Silver, Sapphire ect.) Don't know why we've done it for so long, but it works for us.
    Now looking back at my comment, and considering you've been on for 6, possibly approching 7, years, I guess my time does seem short here. I guess I was feeling what I like to call toddler syndrome. You know when you were real little, and you saw someone who was a few years older than you were? Most likely, you thought they were so old, but thinking of them now you guys aren't really far apart in age or time. That may not be the best way to explain it, and there may be a real term for something like that, but as far as I know, I'm calling it toddler syndrome. :p

    Haha, you like the fsjal guy too? He was one of my favorites as well (though I first thought of Kururu at first glance, though Fsjal is a more accurate depiction). My most favorite at the moment is Kokoromori. I've always thought bats were cool, so he naturally grew on me. Whether he'll remain my favorite as time goes on is yet to be seen.
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