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  • thankyou! congratulations on your wins too! those two contests were far too hard for me hahah :) so much respect
    Well,congrats on your double win! It was quite a feat. Anyway your kindness is appreciated,since people on the internet aren't known for it. :D
    I don't want to make that situation into a big deal, but I appreciate your VM regardless. Thank you.
    Right back at ya! I'm glad we were able to finish our game of tag. :p

    Hope you enjoy your mega stones, and thank you for the Pokemon!
    It's no biggie! Unfortunately I wasn't able to catch you then, but I will be free all day tomorrow and for the rest of today. I don't know when you'll be on next, but when you can let me know specifically what time you would like to trade so we can get down to business. :p

    Well I live in the EST zone, but I can make anything work. I am available between 5pm and 12am, so anything between that time window is best for me, but again, I can make even 4am work. Let me know what times you are available around, but if you want to pick a specific time just let me know and I'll meet you then. :~)
    Let me know what times work for you regarding our trade. I can trade whenever (though I'll probably be asleep in the next few hours), but lemme know what works for you and I can make it work for me as well. (~:
    What timezone are you in? I'm in EST, so 10 pm (when you posted that vm) is more night than day for me ahahahhaha. If you're online I can trade now! What all do we have to trade, the legend you wanted + dream ball clamperl?
    Yes the dittos would be great. :) Can i have one of each Iv for breeding purposes ;) Ill give you a shiny luvdisc too :)
    Heya, can you send me a PM/VM whenever you're ready to trade? I've not really been online in Pokemon a whole lot lately because of helping my gran and pap + other video games.
    Hi! I saw on a post that you have some DITTOS from the freind safari. I was hoping they would be up for trade. I can also throw in a masterball. Pm me offers/prices!
    Good evening RazorBayleef, I read your response in the thread and I´d be very grateful if you bred this Eevee for me. Time is not a problem to me since after all you´ll be doing the hard part of breeding, which I´m not very good at myself. The legends I got currently are Cresselia, Heatran, Zygarde, Mewtwo, Virizon, Cobalion, Terrakion, Yvelta, Moltres, Phione, Latias and Kyuurem. If these are of no use, I also got access to Pkmn Heartgold and my pokebank is still running. Since breeding is not much my thing I don´t think going through heartgold´s gameplay for some Johto legends would be a problem; after all I do wish to have this Eevee very much. I do wish we can come to an agreement on a fair trade. Thanks for your time.
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