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  • It's just an optional thing on why you deleted a post, you don't actually have to fill it out.
    There is a theory suggesting that the Meteorites that Rayquaza eats as fuel to Mega Evolve are radiated stones from earth, blown up by the Ultimate Weapon. But the Meteorite from the Delta Episode is different, it comes from Outer Space, and is much bigger in size, I think.

    You could ask it on the Generations VI: The Future thread as well, or you could create a thread yourself if you prefer.
    It's fine :)

    The way the Ultimate Weapon blast landed, yeah, it's like a meteorite usually lands, but a meteorite is a solid object, unlike the weapon's blast, so both should cause a different impact.

    Idk, it's something that I hadn't thought about a lot. Are you comparing the Ultimate Weapon and the Meteorite from the Delta Episode?

    I think there is no thread about this, and you could create one if you want.
    Oh my bad then, sorry >.< I just remember when I was checking on the Garden Grotto someone had an avatar of her and I was curious since it was an anime I really liked.
    You should use an avi anyways :p jk
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