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  • Well I hope you PC is fixed in short order! I'll see you around then I'm sure.
    Shame to see you close your leftover thread, hopefully you'll get back to it soon!

    Keep in touch if you can, I've been waiting on a trade so I can give you a token of my thanks.
    Nidobro is ready, I'll be online for about an hour tonight (well for me it's already tomorrow)
    hey, not sure if you already bred them yet. But after I finish thieving Hearts Scales, I'm going to be breeding a Moon Ball Cleffa (modest nature with egg moves- Amnesia, Stored Power, Wish, and Aromatherapy) & a Moon Ball Teddiursa (jolly nature with egg moves- Yawn, Close Combat, Crunch, and Play Rough).

    Would you be interested in any of them?....I've been eyeballing your Female Timer Ball Skarmory & Egg Move Male Cottonee for some time now. x)
    Hey there =)

    I got the six pokes you wanted here waiting for you. Whenever you can go online let me know so we can trade.

    Thanks very much =)
    Ah crap I forgot to give you that egg move Absol. Gives me time to relearn the moves though, gimme a couple of minutes.
    It's fine, sometimes it's nice to take a break (not so nice when the break is forced upon you ahahaha). I'll be online sporadically tonight and tomorrow.
    Do you think I could have another female love ball ralts? I can't find the one you gave me originally D: my pc was very unorganized for the longest time and i'm thinking i might have accidentally released it
    do you have skype its easier for me to message on my phone
    Either! I like nick naming mine but if you can a battle ready would be nice alksalksalks
    Ah a that would be perfect! Im sorry for not being on I was busy with classes orz
    But yeah! One of those would be nice if it can be female please!
    They have the secret ability right ? But yeah is there anything that you wanted in trade?
    I sadly dont have much to give unless you need something with pokerus or a modest ghastly
    Oh sorry, I can be back on quickly! (I was trading with someone else and just turned the DS off straight after.)
    I have one! Didn't take aslong as last time, which is a huge relief. Are you able to trade now?

    You don't have HG/SS and a second game system to transfer kurt ball pokes with? =O
    I hope that Oshawott helps you out with your breeding project ^^

    Thank you so much for that Floette! Now I can breed a full set in nest balls <3
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