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  • That's mean D:

    Ohh it's a great series :p So totally recommended.

    Guess I deleted you sorry, been making buncha trades >.< Care to send it again just in case?
    How do you show yours? :p

    No way >o> Well grasp that time like it is the last piece of cake! o/
    Btw I will be online in 10 minutes, don't leave on me >-<
    So you didnt miss me ;---; *fakes crying*
    Woooot congrats c: how much free time? A bit better than I have been in days xD
    Dafuq... You did reply to that message. I never saw it. Damn I am sorry >.<

    I work guess that's why. I will be around the time you send this mesage if that's okay with you?
    Hey sorry the late response, had to do some stuff the past couple of days. If you still need to do the trade I'll be around most of the day today :)
    I bet you have tons of ideas you're just itching to try out. :p

    Now you make me wonder what ribbon is that? 'Cause I don't think I ever had a ribbon sparkle when a Pokemon leaves their Pokeball. o.o Ugh, that's unpleasant. I'm kinda bummed myself I didn't have enough points to snag it before Club Nintendo closed. But hopefully you'll find one at a reasonable price in due time. And I've heard! I'm not all that excited yet, but I'm the type of person who gets amped about a game a few months before release. It's something I'd definitely look into tho, because I loved Awakening.

    Alpha Sapphire, I tend to always get the same version I got when I was a kid.
    I won't disagree with that, I like bulky attackers for that reason. xD

    Oh really? That's awesome! :D Mr. Mischief does seem appropriate cause of the mustache as well. xD But I hear Kid Icarus is great! I haven't a chance to play it myself though since it's usually rare in stores, and extremely expensive online. >~>

    You have Omega Ruby I take it?
    Oh! That's brilliant. xD That is great coverage for Heatran! And I guess that's something new to experiment with then? :p

    Yea that's how I feel about anything I breed. Which is why I like going the extra mile when I can.

    Yay, what a nuisance. D: That might be lower on my list just because I'm lazy. I won't argue with that at all, plus I know it gets the most use from those in the bird trio.
    Both were pure luck honestly. But nonetheless I'm happy I managed to breed them. HP Ground though? What for? A Glaceon or something else? :p
    And I get what you mean, the aesthetics are just really pretty too. But it makes your Pokemon a bit more unique and it makes them feel like more of your own.

    Okay, that's annoying. I really am not a fan of the requirements to get some legendaries in ORAS, not at all. xD And I bet so, I mean even your avatar shows your love for Zapdos. :p
    Wonderful. Just let me know when you're available.

    (If you want to get rid of them fast it'll have to be in the next 24 hours... I'm flying to Ireland for nine days afterwards.)
    Hi, I probably missed mychance, but... Do you happen to have any HA Tyrunts left?
    My catalog so far:
    Basically all these Pokemon would be mass cloned and traded for when I needed something to offer. Or if I run my own shop.

    Oh you mean flying around and finding it? I hate that about ORAS personally.

    You bet!
    Doesn't hurt buddy! I mean I would replay my own games in Italian, but I'm reluctant since I'm working on a catalog of what I've bred. I like giving people the option of nicknaming things when I can as well.

    I'm aiming for outstanding or bust! Heck the other day I managed 17 / 14 / 31 / 28 - 29 / 31 / 31 on a Bold Suicune, in a dive ball as well. So while it's HP iv is subpar at least it's got great defenses and sp.attack. I'm hoping I get the same luck with Terrakion when I make time to SR for it. Good luck on Cresselia!

    It was just a quiet day at home in all honesty. But I can't complain with that, my mother's being nice to me though and finally getting me that haircut I wanted.
    Most likely since that's the way of the games. :p And go for it I say, I mean I have a completed living dex so I can help you with tradebacks if you want the shiny charm again.

    It definitely helps considering I was planning to catch myself a jolly Terrakion soon.

    Thank you for the bday wishes! :D
    Ohhh. I can only imagine. I mean I am a collector myself so I know what you mean by the legend for legend bit. xD

    Huh, that's pretty clever though! Thank you for telling me!

    Don't worry about it. I actually have a perfect Rock head Tyrantrum of my own.

    And sorry I haven't been around. If you still need a tradeback just let me know when you're around.
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