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  • it's funny,cuz sometimes it's hard to fill that minimum requirement but now it's hard to respect it for you xD
    Mhm! Dolphin :D
    It's an old Toshiba, so not really good. I plan to get a new one next year but I have other things to take care of, and noone is gonna get me one, family is not like that.
    What I hate is ads with vids xD: you are calmly reading something with cool music in the background and suddenly, BAM! Something you had no idea of destroys your ears with random junk .w.

    Btw btw~ how are you gonna spend the Holidays? :eek:y
    o_O essay about?
    Well that's true >.< I can run decently well some ps2 games but not dreaming on the Wii. At least gamecube works kinda well .w.

    Way too many .w. small sites can die to it, since they get the living with ads xD;
    Awww :c I hope you have time soon. Vacations are soon!
    Make a list and stick in in your wardrove (works for me):p as for the laptop I have that same problem myself .w. tho lappys are super expensive and I have other priorities. is there a model you want?

    AdBlock killed youtube (??)
    I heard a lot of good things of FF4 and 5 :eek: did you play them? As for PS2 you can use an emulator :D I was able to play a lot of games thanks fo them.
    Totally :eek: just replay, rewatch or read something you did on your childhood and do it now. OP changes in your opinion xD
    whatcha think of FF7 remake?

    Now there's thing pay to watch junk Youtube wants to do ,w,
    I am not gonna attack you >.< Yes my problem is with the fandom, and because games (especially VII) are overrated.I don't see the amazing thing about FF7, an unlikable hero with a boring villain and nothing actually strickingly amazing, I could write more but the limit is only 450 xD:. I hope I didn't offend you but that what I think anyways.

    I still miss the stars system, now everything is like/unlike .w.
    Yay :D

    There isn't any online game I am interested in .w. Like I am like the only one not interesred in FFExplorers. I have that franchise blacklisted :p

    That's fine pls, you are a happy person~ uwu I mean there's nothing actually bad but stuff we have to get used to.
    Screenshot! :D
    Yeah :c

    If I can save some I will :p online is too much to let it pass xD regarding online there's FFExplorers and Hyrule Warriors. Interested in them?

    You are the first one xD
    Getcha >.< it's hard with this facebook-ish style :/
    You killed me there xD don't know much regarding Disney
    OMG XD I had all the Halloween things in the basement, the skeleton and stuff and as music KK Cruising!
    I declare ignorante there.. Didn't play many Digimon games. How many have you played?
    I guess they didn't sell that well anymore?
    Rococo was hella expensive in ACNL remember?

    I am seriously thinking of buying it now .w.

    How do you like the new frorums btw?
    At least, I gave villager (can't remember which) all Hallowe'en items in HHD. Spooky house. :D
    Just 3 Digimon games... one PS1 and 2 DS games. Also, it's expensive to translate RPGs.

    Get it. >:D

    Nice forum. :)
    However, I prefer "View Conversation" old forum used to have so I can see my previous comments... :(
    I just ignore that, I am who I am and ebd. Do that too eh? c:
    It had to be Disney :p tho I am not gonna complain, make up or not it's a classic. I used to love Disney movies, the Lion King, Pinocchio, aristocats and etc. Do you have fav Disney movies?

    That's true too :p last week I was cleaning my hard disk an found out the ACNL ost and started listening to it, memories........ xD I couldnt help but play the game again. I spend an hour cleaning, watering the flowers and chopping the extra bamboos. I missed that game. I wanna change my decoration too but I had it for so long it feels weird so I am keeping the snow, ice, dark and sea themes xD I am too weak for these things. No wonder some animes make me cry, even if I know what's gonna happen.
    Oh :eek: for the time being Pokemon is way better, maybe in the future they improve too. I mean if we are honest pokemon wasnt the best thing out there. It has things but it needed more polishing xD
    So the villager are the ones who give yoy stuff? O:
    Omg xDD I just checked! They have a lot of DLC armor! I almost feel like I want the game :p
    Beauty isn't about make up or not :eek: please I don't like when people say that, I can't comment on you but every person has a beauty I am sure of that. -w- )/
    Hmmm o.o I am not sure.. Tho disney one looks like she likes red lipstick.

    I am really convinced about that game honestly now ^^; it really takes out almost everything I like AC for..
    What about this famous Yokai Watch that everyone talks about. I don't really feel like I will like it, you?
    Monster Hunter furniture wow :O I demand Majoras Mask one!
    DLCs as in cosumes?
    If you were Snowhite you would be safe then :p jk Not even green? ;o

    Yay you did like it :D I like it too, and it has a point. I hate owing so much to Tom Nook qwq Are there events for Happy Home designer btw? Like the ones in AC, or exclusive furniture?
    Ohh :c Are you able to at them regularly tho? Amazing :D I don't know any about apples but the name reminded me of the Harry Potter school >.< Are they sweeter or something?

    Who wouldn't? xD
    I will put in a spoiler in another message since it's kinda long and it surpaces the limit characters per message, read it if you want tho it's really weird and not reliable but eh xD;

    Not really ideal but I bet it works wonders xDDD
    We don't have a garden xD; I just have a mango tree that likes to drop the fruits in my head heh. Allotment.. Noted! qwq I hope I remember. Oh I don't know, it's just what people tell me. Tho they are really popular now around here.

    He makes you write an apology! qwq I always chuckled at how his brother was so calm and him so.. fired up xD I have their pics in one of the rooms!
    D; I hope that's not true. And talking about reality and fiction do you know this story about what's animal crossing? I mean the actual concept behind the game, it's meant to be a creepy I guess. Let's see if I can find it.

    o_O Maybe it's something just he can see xD I mean like some things only parents can see or recognize.
    I am jealous -w- I wanna plant things too.. Well cupcakes are super tasty too~~ tho for some reason hard to do xD; or so I was told. Are they?
    We both are old :p wait that isn't good qwq

    NO WAY XD Don't take this commentary the wrong way but you have to be masochist xD Tho he isn't someone you can hate either, he is just annoying .w.
    Heh ya bet :p I learned to love Angus! He was a cranky bull tho after all his stuff he started being nicer and stuff so I get your point. You like them because you are lazy too :p Coco! <3

    o.o ------------------------ I have no idea o.o They are the same...................... o.o
    Well strawberry season ended >.< I really wanna make something strong like orange.. :eek:
    When referring to Pooh the right term is Hunny :p
    Awww :c Tho witch is a classic :p

    NPC Isabelle xD She's jut too cute. And villager Maple xD Yours? :3

    Nope :p they are just cute imo. Reeeeeeeeally cute!
    I am a bit confused xD But I get the general idea heh. I guess that's the point, so people feel the need to buy them :c
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