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  • Glad to have helped!

    I'll have to look into that. I don't want to watch out of order and get confused. :p

    Do you know if Cloud ever made SOLDIER? I had heard both accounts actually. One, that he did, and the other (I think this was more trustworthy, I don't remember though) said that he never made SOLDIER, but got good enough to be considered First Class by the time AC rolled around
    Oh I just thought of something. Do you know what order FFVII occurred in? Like which one came first, which was last, etc? I just found out that you can watch them (at least Crisis Core and Advent Children online) and I want to watch them in order. I've already seen AC. I started to watch CC, but then I realized that DC might come first. It makes me so excited! I actually get to see Zack and Angeal and Genesis! Woo! (I know. I'm fangirling. Shhh...) ME LAHVES ZACKY! Hehe. Sorry ^-^''
    I'd go with an Eelektross. It has no weaknesses and has levitate which makes all ground type moves miss. Plus, it can learn a variety of TMs (Flamethrower anyone?)
    Yeah... they are kinda dead now... I also tried Pokemon GTS. It's not really effective. Tried Pokemon Marriland. That place was friendly, but oh so tiny. Serebii is still full of a bunch of asshats.... and Neoseeker is confusing to navigate.

    As nerdy as it sounds, I'm looking forward to Pokemon B&W2 xD LOL

    If you're looking for something specific, run it by me. I might have it. Or try Radio Rebel. He's pretty cool and is helping me snag a few things.
    Happy New Year to you too! It doesn't really feel like a new year though XD
    YAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! :D
    Nice Christmas pickup. I don't need the Flygon back, but I'll let you know if I need anything cloned. Thanks a bunch.
    Hehe Hiya Red. :3 I hope you had a great Christmas. And good to see my name change didn't throw you off. xD

    And alright then thanks. I'll look forward to the thread then! :]
    Hmm well all you need to do is work through Battle Subway and keep gaining BP and once you have enough you can buy the Power items in the store next to the train.

    They are 48BP each I think, but once you have won a few 7 row battles the points will add up and you can buy the ones you need.

    But if you need a particular one now I have 1 or 2 spare and I can trade you one if you need it ^^
    Wow that Porygon-Z you traded me rocks! I was going to breed it, but it's been getting me through Battle Subway like a sharp knife through butter XD
    What?! He has to really play it! I put 4 hrs into playing and I LOVE IT!. Waiting 1 1/2 years for it to come out was worth it! :) I wanna know what you would buy! :D I love reading wish lists! It gets me more excited for Christmas! :) I have tons of anime stuff on mine and also these video game themed t-shirts from a site called fangamer.net
    It was the same as always, don't worry i'm doing good :) I almost thought i'd fail math,but I got an 81 average! xD I started thinking of how boring life would be like without going to school. Did you get any of the new games that came out? I finally got my hands on the LoZ:Skyward Sword bundle :)
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