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Recent content by Regiruler

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    What Songs Would You Like To Hear At Symphonic Evolutions?

    You must be part psychic or something. They actually didn't have the bike theme though (for any generation IIRC unless it was in that last hoenn piece or in the "Routes of Sinnoh"). Might start a thread so people can post their impressions. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was surprised by a few...
  2. R

    Your gym's secondary function

    I've actually thought about this proposition before. Although personally it is not my favorite type, I could easily make a dual-purposed dark gym. The secondary function being a tea parlor/shop (I'm undecided whether it would be something more along the lines of the traditional japanese style or...
  3. R

    Legendary Pokemon Discussion

    In-game event in X/Y, in-game event in ORAS, doesn't matter to me just as long as it's a motherfucking event and not just a distribution dump. Gen V left me fucking tired of it. Raging aside, some of my picks: -Both of the Dream Duo should be catchable normally. IMO, Gamefreak should retire...
  4. R

    OR/AS at E3?

    I have every belief that our first major source of information will be a trailer in the Digital event, much how Bayonetta 2 was basically nothing but a title until E3 2013. It'll be there.
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    Pokémon Omega Ruby, Pokémon Alpha Sapphire announced: Will be released November 2014

    Re: Pokémon Omega Ruby, Pokémon Alpha Sapphire announced: Will be released November 2 I laughed hysterically when I heard the news. Seems I'll be back for a bit. Again.
  6. R

    Datel's released a cheating device for X and Y

    Figures as much that I finally clear my Diamond of it's burden from me abusing an AR about 15 minutes ago for me to decide to check 'garden and see that someone has created and enabled one for X and Y. The cycle never ends. The 3DS can be patched, somehow shut this down Nintendo. EDIT: The...
  7. R

    Gen VI Pokemon File format discovered

    The RNG process hasn't been discovered for X/Y yet IIRC and you get 3 perfect IVs anyway. Combine that with the synchronize of choice and it shouldn't be hard to get a perfect legendary. This is somewhat pointless for now though as the only tournament-legal legendaries we have access to are the...
  8. R

    Diancie, Volcanion, and Hoopa Leaked? (RUMOR)

    Good on him I suppose. He just wanted to leak these and nothing more, and he doesn't want the game to be cracked open, which I respect.
  9. R

    Diancie, Volcanion, and Hoopa Leaked? (RUMOR)

    Fairy disappointed that these were leaked so early. Now it's no fun anymore waiting.
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    Kalos Legendary Trio Title Discussion Thread (New Poll)

    Re: Kalos Legendary Trio Title Life ~=~ Light (being Fairy helps) Death ~=~ Darkness (again typing). The auras help with this image. Zygarde however is somewhat odd with it's Dragon/Ground typing.
  11. R

    Gen VI Pokemon File format discovered

    I can understand the positive implications as there is a lot we wouldn't know without the hacks, but I'd be willing to give that up for a more pure game. Unfortunately, it seems others do not share this view.
  12. R

    Unsolved Mysteries in X/Y...

    We know for sure the reasoning behind the alleys at least. The looker subplot uses them for battles.
  13. R

    Lumiose City - Creepy Social Commentary

    Re: Lumiose City - Creepy social-commentary What disturbs me more is them saying there's Lava Dome Pokemon in Juan plaza and I can't find a Heatran anywhere in motherfucking Juan Plaza.
  14. R

    Kalos Legendary Trio Title Discussion Thread (New Poll)

    Re: Kalos Legendary Trio Title Chaos Trio, aka Twilight as it's known in some of my other circles.
  15. R

    The Fairy Type and Alterations to Type Chart

    Cresselia better well be fairy type.