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  • depends. In koffing's case all its main non pain split/toxic spikes moves are TMs, and none of its moves particularly require pp ups, so there's no real incentive to not use the same one for multiple purposes, especially considering most sets run the same spread.

    bred toxic spikes onto koffing in case you decided to use that (good for stall teams), egg moves can be remembered nyow unlike in previous gens if you didn't know

    encore's a move you'll definitely wanna use on whims, don't delete that one.
    I think the time before last time was you, but my dorm's internet does this a lot

    I told zeb that you were online so he'll likely be hassling you soon. He says you forgot to add his FC tho.
    nothing in particular I can think of. You're Iris, I assume? Would rather ask than have repeat of the last incident, not that I mind having a shiny lopunny....
    meh, I had to train my turtwig too, and coincidentally all three were all getting HP and defense maxed out, so it worked out efficiently. Thank you based new EXP Share
    well I understood that, was only confused about afrobull

    it is fun, especially with their recently added "ignore opponent" button. A lot of the issue I had with playing on showdown is having to deal with all the childish lowlifes, so being able to tune them out completely fills my heart with rainbows. Also means that I tune out the actually nice people, but whatever.

    your koffing will be ready in a minute. I'll assume gender doesn't matter? And any nickname?

    Edit: is grill
    watched it. You weren't terrible, though keeping terrakion in against cobalion was a bad move. I'm gonna assume that's cause you didn't know they speed tied. Though I have no idea why you'd send in a fighting-weak pokemon in retaliation. Setting up calm mind so early when you didn't know your opponent's team was a ballsy move, but it ended up being useful, even if they made the misplay of not sending krook or somefin in right away to kill it.

    You definitely made other mistakes though overall it wasn't that bad for a first time. Your opponent wasn't very good either tbh.

    Random battles are definitely useful for practice but the absence of team preview means that it requires a lot more scouting than regular battles do. I'm still mad that they got rid of friggin' challenge cup. Basically the same thing but even more chaotic because the movesets/items were randomized too. It was amazing. Stupid smogon.
    ....lol. I can tell you aren't familiar with super training. I mean the reset bag that you can get from the minigame, it's a white bag that sets all the EVs of a pokemon back to 0. It's immensely useful, cause minus EV berries aren't well suited for such a task, I think they only remove 10 EVs per berry.
    well, 6 vs 6 is very different than 3 vs 3, so it does vary depending on which you do. Mega Sableye is very good, but unlike mawile and lopunny it's also good in its base form, so it's fine not to mega evolve it. It has good synergy with delphox and mega mawile I suppose, those two being able to beat the fairies that trouble it. Delphox also resists fire attacks which is good for the fire types that plague the other two. Mega lopunny...dunno about its synergy with delphox and sableye, but it's an amazing pokemon in general. I do know that talonflame steamrolls all of those though. Other things would too though I can't think of any off the top of my head. Talonflame is probably one of the biggest, only chance you really have against it is mawile's sucker punch + flare blitz/brave bird recoil killing it, which won't always work cause talonflame commonly carries wisp and uses bulky spreads.

    for meloetta and gothitelle you can use the IV checker, though I'm going assume you already tried this and they didn't have perfect IVs. I use this damage calc as a multi-purpose tool to both calculate IVs and...well, you know. If they have EVs and you don't know what they are (check the super training screen for an idea), use a reset bag on them. They'll work sufficiently as long as the IVs are overall good, most important IV as I've mentioned before is speed. Doesn't matter a shitton on these two since gothitelle and base meloetta don't have gr8 speed tiers, and meloetta p's awkward speed tier means that being a few IVs short won't matter in the vast majority of situations.
    heh, I like that thinking. Stall gets a lot of crap because everybody likes being an impatient aggrospamming pleb, but stall tactics are really fun to use

    ngl I don't fully understand how one is "supposed" to make a stall team. When you think of "stall" mons you think of whimsicott, sableye, ferrothorn, etc, but I don't think it would be a good idea to run only these types of mons. I suppose the general idea is to use these as the team's main core, and support them with your usual walls and maybe an offensive pokemon or two.

    mega slowbro, mega sableye, clefable, ferrothorn, mega venusaur, tyranitar, gothitelle, heatran, and chansey are common pokemon on stall, I think. Not totally sure on a few. If you wanna use lower tier mons, you could, if they're good at stalling and/or have good defensive synergy with the stallmons you're using or whatever. I mean if you had any specific ideas I could give some sort of input.
    teambuilding isn't my forte cause I can never be assed to put much effort into it. I don't usually put together teams with particular playstyles in mind, either....whatever happens just sort of happens. I suppose most of my teams would fall into balance or stall, but you also have hyper offense, semi stall, etc.

    I guess you could start by taking one or two mons, and seeing what compliments them well. For example...I'm obsessed with using mega sharpedo, and when I use it, I tend to pair it with a physical wallbreaker like diggersby or tyrantrum, cause physical walls are one of the biggest issues for it. Hazard setters are also really useful for it cause they wear many pokemon into its KO range, and maybe I'll pack a fairy-type to deal with the dark and fighting types that resist its crunch. And etc. If you're using like mega mawile, maybe pair it with a bulky water type to deal with the fire-types it hates dealing with. That kind of stuff.

    a lot of the time you're not gonna wanna stack pokemon that are too similar. Like having ferrothorn and forretress on the same team is a bad idea. Sometimes you'll want to do the opposite though, mostly for certain offensive pokemon. For example, a strat I've heard of is using staraptor and talonflame on the same team. They have similar checks/counters, and often staraptor is able to weaken them to the point where they can no longer check talonflame, or vice versa.

    I prefer to battle in the actual games but pokemon showdown's still really useful for practicing and testing stuff, if you wanted to try that
    have a bit of an issue

    got some shitty project for this shitty class that I really should be doing right now

    but I'm not, because no motivation lol

    yet its presence more or less forbids me from breeding until I get it done, at least for a few days, cause it's pretty critical that I do so asap...so...if you don't mind holding out a few days, sorz. I'll put my current projects (torterra, kecleon, accelgor, and cacturne) on hold until I get you at least two of your mons though.
    it's not that lame when you compare it to a lot of other NU pokemon, but yeah, it's got a lot of problems. Shame its stats aren't higher, it's got a lot of interesting qualities.

    if you wanna use that "looker" of a mega, heracross strikes fear into the gods themselves. Skill link makes pin missile a very powerful and reliable STAB attack that hits through subs and sashs, and makes rock blast a hell of a coverage move. And of course close combat wrecks shit too. Hell of a wallbreaker especially with its increased bulk. Vheracross has the advantage of having a design as well as not taking up a mega slot. It's good, with gr8 abilities in guts and moxie, and you can use it as a wallbreaker with lorb/status orb or as a cleaner/revenge killer with a scarf, the latter of which is somefin its mega can't do.

    lol, someone's indecisive. Okay, I didn't start bulbasaur yet so that works
    Uh, that's difficult to answer. Weezing's got a bit of 4MSS. Moves it would really like to run include Wisp (which you really should run no matter what tbh), Sludge Bomb, Flamethrower, Taunt, Pain Split, and Toxic Spikes. There are even some lesser options that you could consider, like Memento and Infestation. Personally I'd make a point to run pain split if you don't have a wish user on your team.

    Malamar's....okayish. Let's see here

    > Superpower's BP is so high it's basically pseudo STAB, with good coverage and the ability to boost your physical attacks, definitely the coolest thing
    > Knock Off hits fairly hard and is Knock Off
    > Switcheroo, Destiny Bond, Rock Slide, Foul Play, Taunt, etc are all cool moves it can make use of
    > Few weaknesses
    > Can potentially run a variety of different sets

    > While not frail, its bulk still isn't that impressive
    > Psycho Cut is piss weak for a STAB attack, considering it has 70 BP and is coming off a very average physical attack stat (92), it's more akin to a coverage move tbh
    > Can't do shit to fairies besides slap their items off, though you can cripple defensive ones with switcheroo if you're running choice items
    > it's a tad slow
    > doesn't get sucker punch for some reason which would really help make up for the last issue
    > has a resistance
    > bug moves, especially u-turn, are a huge bitch

    it gets a lot of use in NU and some in RU I think, but I don't really hear about it in tiers higher than that. It just requires multiple superpowers to really be threatening, and by then it's likely dead due to its average speed and special defense. Personally I used a scarf malamar to help with the speed and bulky fairy issues, but not being able to switch between attacks is a huge issue obvs
    That's true. Applying to both parts I mean ^^; And I like Splatoon better anyway. Shooters were always one of the genres I was better at.
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