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  • weezing is a decent pokemon, it's got good physical bulk, only one weakness, will-o-wisp, access to fire attacks, etc. Main problem with it is its lack of recovery, and to a lesser extent its low special bulk. Hard to call somefin a good physical wall when it can't even recover its bloody HP. I mean, it can use pain split, which isn't terrible with its low HP. Still unreliable.

    a lot of the pokemon I like are low tier too tbh. I still try to make them work when I actually do battle people. You'd be surprised with what a lot of low tier mons can pull off, even if their performance is hardly exceptional. Some pokemon are actually utter crap (lol delcatty), but most of them are quite a bit more than just deadweight. I can usually put in noticeable work with stunfisk, for example. Sure, most of the time I'd be much better off running rotom-w or hippowdon or whatever else performs a similar role, but do I give a damn? Not really.

    Also remember that a lot of low tier pokemon aren't actually bad, per se -- they're just outclassed. Darmanitan's an example of a pokemon that tends to be ignored in ou and to an extent uu, which is somewhat surprising, considering being hit by its flare blitz is roughly equivalent to being struck in the face by a jetplane, and it's not like it's slow either. As far as I can understand, the only reason it's ranked so low in ou is because charizard x, talonflame, entei and the like are physical fire types that generally perform superior to it. While the concept of pokemon being outclassed certainly deserves to be talked about, they tend to put far too much emphasis on it, as if they've stupidly forgotten that people can do this magical thing called "use pokemon they like". I wish there was a viability list that took this perspective into account, but they currently don't have one, which is a shame, cause it would be useful and interesting.
    I'm surprised to hear you say that froslass is the least important of the three.

    So are you serious about getting into competitive pokemon or what? You seem really off and on about it.
    okay. I'm gonna be busy this weekend so I'll only be able to have one or two by next monday, should be able to get the others quickly enough next week tho. Weezing and froslass will take longer to get since I don't have those bred already. Thanks to my friend I have some spare bulbasaur, so that should be quick enough. Do you plan to mega evolve the venusaur or not? It's pretty important as far as ability and nature goes, cause vanilla venu is best at sun sweeping where mega venusaur is a str8 wall/tank. In case you're wondering which is better, the mega is...certainly not easy to murder. Ugh.

    Oh dang, really? o_O Go figure.

    Yeah...oh well, I don't really mind. .w. Though it is kind of ironic since Smash was the reason I got the Wii U to begin with.
    Although this doesn't look good... orz

    Maybe :eek: And I like sneaking too, but when I get close to enemies, that's usually when I die >~>

    Used to. Got fed up and traded it in. orz
    Aww. Sorry to hear that. :< But it'd be neat to see ya in the Wash again ^^

    Ooh, I see owo I am...extremely, extremely picky about the weapons I like. I've passed up a bunch of good weapons because they don't have enough range :p Right now I really only like the Heavy Splatling and the Hero Charger Replica. My aim is kind of inconsistent; sometimes it's really bad, sometimes it's really good, sometimes it's somewhere in between.
    I see, I see :c Were you distancing yourself because of lack of interest in the series or...?

    That's good to hear :D What weapons do you like to use?
    I see I see. Honestly I'm not nearly as into it anymore either, but I still come around to message people .w. I can see why you wouldn't though.

    I've been doing alright I suppose. Been playing a lot of Splatoon owo You?
    Hehe ^^; You're welcome c: So what's up? I haven't seen you around in quite some time.
    Well, I don't mind dark stuff, but I think you should put a warning for anyone else who might see that, yes.
    Noted. I've been somewhat interested in playing, myself, probably will get it.
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