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    Blue Dragon's Art Shop

    Signature Banner, please. What Border you want- Curved Border What text you want- "It's Tasting Time!" What Colours you want- Bright Purple, Bright Blue, & Bright Green What Design you want- Compact (Example 1) With the stars in the background What Character- Dento/Cabernet (Something looking...
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    Do you even know what the above avatar is?

    A Pole?
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    What kind of cellphone do you have?

    Kyocera TouchScreen Droid. I absolutely love this. I despise IPhones/anything involved with Apple.
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    Do you like Cilan/Dent's role in BW?

    After being with Pokemon since it started, I must say Dent is a main reason I'm even involved with Pokemon anymore. This show went down-slope until Dent was added. I personally love his appearance, personality, and character in general. He is Classy and acts as both Comic-Relief and as a Guide...
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    Rate the Avatar Above You [v2]

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    Favourite Shape?

    I am into weird shapes. But let's go with Stars/Cubes.
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    If you had one Legendary what would it be?

    Arcticuno. No doubt. I absolutely love Ice-Type Pokemon, and there aren't many of those. Though I love Suicune and Kyurem, they couldn't hold a candle to Arcticuno for me. Always been my favorite since I was a teeny-bopper.
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    The reason behind Stunfisk's creation...... guess?

    I definitely love StunFisk. I use it in many battles. Though I'm not sure why StunFisk was thought up, I admire Dent for catching one. Moreover, I find it Cute. :3
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    This or That! (Pokemon)

    SoulSilver. Xatu or NoctOwl?
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    Last thing you ate/drank before posting in this thread Vol. 2

    Beijing Beef/Mango Pepsi.
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    How are you feeling today? Vol. 2

    Sooo Nervous.
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    ^ The One Above [v2]

    ^Watches Anime constantly.
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    Music What music are you currently listening to?

    Turn All The Lights On- T-Pain Featuring Ne-Yo
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    What if your avatar met the avatar above?

    Re: What if you avatar met the avatar above? "Pshhh, wait until you taste Dento's Tea! @[email protected]"
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    Do you even know what the above avatar is?

    An employee at McD's?