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  • I preordered on Amazon to get a code then cancelled my preorder :B I think there might be easier ways to get a code, but it's been a few weeks now so I can't remember. The only worthwhile thing about the demo is you get the Mega Stone to transfer over, it's kinda bland outside of that.

    Yeah I have a couple of HP Ditto from back in the RNG days so I sent them over. Protean Greninja was one of my first breeds too - and I hatched a shiny Froakie! Though the Froakie is Gentle with Torrent because I hadn't quite gotten used to the breeding mechanics in XY yet - males can now pass the HA but only if bred with a Ditto.

    Aye the PSS is amazing, it's so much easier to connect online. When XY first released it was full of activity, but it's pretty dead these days. ORAS PSS will probably be pretty full when the games release too. And I know what you mean about the graphics, I find it hard to go back and play previous gen games now, they look so bad on the eyes after the 3D.
    Nah I know, but it's true haha.

    Yeah I have the demo. You could probably still find a code somewhere, though I'm not sure where, as not all places were giving it from preorders.

    IV breeding is a lot easier thanks to the Destiny Knot, yeah. I've even managed to do a lot of Hidden Powers just by breeding (HP Ice Manectric, HP Fire Magnezone, etc) which I wouldn't have attempted without RNG in previous gens. You can also breed Pokemon in matching balls now, so RNG captures aren't even that big of a deal too. The games look so good in 3D, so battling is great with the 3D models. There's always showdown if you prefer playing on simulator though :p
    Yeah, sadly I still have time to waste on here xD

    Yep, a week on Friday rest of the world and two weeks on Friday for us, so it's really close now. Yeah haha, some things don't change - I've bred Pokemon for most of the new ORAS Megas (Sceptile, Sableye, Camerupt, Lopunny, Pidgeot, Beedrill, a whole bunch of different nature Swablu etc). You interested in getting back into breeding + battling or are you more casual player now?
    Well it's good to speak to an old face anyway. A lot of the older people disappeared - Troggy for example.

    Yeah the remakes are definitely bringing back a lot of nostalgia! Aye, I already have Omega Ruby pre-ordered, just a shame us in Europe are getting it a week later than everywhere else in the world. After having such a massive break from Pokemon did you enjoy playing X then?
    Never thought I see you back! Yeah, I'm good man. How about you? I've been through various name changes haha (well I was Zeb for ages then the other week I changed, but I'll probably go back to Zeb again because I prefer it). Will you be picking up the RS remakes?
    With most people being able to RNG in 5th Gen, people don't want to trade, they just want to get good parents and RNG their own stuff. It's gotten really stale and I just don't trade anymore :( Although at least my stuff is still being put to use :p

    I can't remember all frame stuff with breeds. I haven't caught a Kyurem yet. The one on my Black I caught before I could RNG and on White I'm still at Nimbasa City (I restarted ages back).

    Have you seen the new Black 2 and White 2 stuff? It looks like it's going to be pretty good.
    Well, aslong as you return when you have the chance :p

    Modding is fine. I was recently promoted to head of the Pokemon World section :3 and I was hired into the Video Game sections too. So I have three sections to look after these days. :33

    Yeah, it's basically killed off a lot of trading :/ But it's nice and easy to get parents though. I can also do Gen IV abuse aswell :D I can do captures and I can (if I remember how) do breeding. I've only bred two things in the last nine months though, so the method of that is a little sketchy for me to remember. Captures are nice and easy though.
    So I was 12 days late instead of one.. haha.

    Good to see you're back! I've been good. How about you?

    Yeah, Pokecheck has basically killed off trading for me. I can get pretty much whatever I need for breeding from there (BTW, loads of my stuff is public on Pokecheck - Reuban 56139 is my OT/ID - so have a look and see if you want any of them)
    Your birthday was yesterday and I missed it.

    Happy day after your birthday!

    Me so ashamed :p Hopefully you'll be back soon? :d
    You don't mind me cloning mine, do you? I can trade in a moment, and it's alright, I don't want anything in return it's just a Chatot :p

    Oh, but I'll need your new FC. Mine is 5071-3141-9155.
    You could have at least VM'd me to arrange a battle or tagged me in the thread... I haven't been checking the ladder so I had no idea you challenged me.
    Hey, want to have a PO battle now? :D

    Just remember, my team is still a work in progress and I would appreciate any suggestions you could give after you beat me. :)

    (I'm Calcium on PO)
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