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Revise Librarian

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  • Hey, I don't mean to hassle you, but could you drop a vm on ShadowE's profile? He's on Pokecommunity and you should be able to reach him through the member's list

    Tell him Rozu says hello and she really wants him to join bulbagarden 'cause she misses him :( You don't have to, lol, and there's no rush, or whatever. Whenever you've got time honestly

    Yooo! I'm Clover's sister, Cecilia. :p AKA the infamous Rozu. Geezuz, how did I ever come up with such a dumb name? xP Anyway, just saying hi since I don't know a single soul here. Bye.
    Revise Librarian
    Revise Librarian
    Sup! I never knew Clover had a sister, haha (if we're thinking about the same Clover, that is). xD Anyway, I don't know a single soul here either, since I haven't been around in ages! (My only remaining Bulbagarden friend has left for good. *sobs*) Heck, I don't think I even know how to properly navigate this site anymore. xD Is this how I'm supposed to respond to your VM? (Sorry if it isn't!)
    Revenge of the Boyega
    Revenge of the Boyega
    Yeah, I'm her annoying little sister, who used to be the star of Pokecommunity, a living goddess. =D

    Then the fire nation attacked. Now, I'm referred to as You-Know-Who, I'm a lonely legend that moderators will tell their grandchildren about for years to come...

    Did I mention that I'm the melodramatic one out of the two? xP

    I know, right? I got lost in my own profile. Twice lmao and yeah, this is how VM's work, apparently. xD

    Oh, I see that you're a fan of Super Smash Bros! :D I play as Peach and Roy, mostly, on Melee and Brawl. I really want Project M but my brother has to hack the Wii or whatever, and that could take ages.
    Awe, well that's one good thing at least. xD life getting in the way again?
    Revise Librarian
    Revise Librarian
    Furball omg where's your profile? And how the heck can I read through our old conversation again? XD The nostalgia is getting to me. =P
    Wow... That theory actually makes a lot of sense. I kinda don't hate Navi as much from reading that. D,; it's made me view OOT and MM from a slightly different perspective, too. xD

    Well listen bro, it's almost 3am here so I have to get some sleep. It's been nice seeing you again and I hope we can talk again soon. I'm on most days anyway, so yeah, goodnight Mr Hero.
    Yeeeah, I get ya. xD you could take the risk anyway and spend all your time unlocking everything again.

    I'd love to see a Toony version of the Heroes Shade. I'm sure he'd have lots to teach. xD
    Awe man. I guess I'll just have to wait until December to kick yo ass on Smash Bros. Could you not back up your save file with an SD card though? And jeez, I'm beginning to think you really were in a slumber. o.e

    Yes, that'd be amazing. xD have you played A Link to the Past Dark Worlds yet?
    Honestly this might be an uncommon reason, but I prefer Melee for it's stages. xD I'm hoping we will get a few of the old stages back in the form of DLC. And yeah. I don't really take part in Internet wars in general. Slightly unrelated, but I recall my friend saying awhile back that he thinks there's a way to bypass the WiFi lock on the Wii via the Homebrew channel. Reckon something like that would be possible?

    And being bigger than the world itself. xD

    That's a good idea actually. Part of me wants to see a game in the style of Twilight Princess again too.
    That's very true. So do you prefer Melee to Brawl? Just a random question for ya.

    It's all good bro. xD (to any furries/homosexuals stalking this conversation, we mean no offense) and glad to hear it. ;P

    I haven't actually seen Mega Shapedo yet. But oh my gawd imagine how OP Mega Wailord would be.

    Toony is Selfie God after all. I really hope we see another Wind Waker styled Zelda game someday.
    I'd let you know how badacery he is, but now that I think about it I haven't played as regular Link yet. I feel as though I've commit a crime. o.e

    Ahh, that's good. Though it is ok to be pissed off with good reason. xD I have a friend who absolutely hates Ubisoft and Capcom. Call me Furfang if you want, but it sounds awfully close to "Furfag". xD
    Ah, once again your deepness impresses me. As far as the meaning of my username goes I just tried to put two worded together that sounded cool.

    Yeah, I hate the whole "we want each pokemon games to have unique features" excuse, but third gen were my first pokemon games, so I can't mentally allow myself to say no. xD
    He is, yes. xD Toony and Robin, but I haven't really looked at the costumes. I do tend to play as purple Toony though.

    You don't seem dull to me, but I guess you did say you regressed talking to me. xD but yeah, if you're a pessimist and you're been working out, I best make a point of not pissing you off. D; Furfang, Trigger Ball. The possibilities are endless. What made you decide on Shark anyways?

    No problemo. I'm desperate for friends to play nintendo games with. xD are you getting one or either of the Ruby/Sapphire remakes?
    Fierce Deity Link is in Smash Bros?! I own the game but had no idea. To be fair I don't have all the characters yet though. xD

    That's pretty deep bro. Nothing wrong with some nostalgia however. So how would you say you've changed? I'd like to think I've matured a bit since 2011. And as for the nickname, Trigger, Fang or Furball will do. Heck, you can make me a nickname if you want. xD

    Well I have Y, but my team sucks. You need some more Mario games me thinks. xD Kart or Tennis specifically, since I own them.
    All of my yes to Young Link. We need all variations of Link in the game. xD

    Shark it is. Leaving the old you behind I see. I still talk to the odd person who still refers to me as Furball, surprisingly.

    Sounds good. What other 3DS games do you have?
    Yeah, I best hurry before that happens. I'm pretty sure my gamecube collection adds up to quite a hefty sum. xD

    Mewtwo is pretty cool. I find it annoy that he's DLC in the new games and that you have to own both to unlock him though.

    Of course, hero. Timing is of the upmost importance to the Hero of Time himself. Honestly though I forgot you had an account here, so when you messaged me with a new name and everything I was like "da fuq is this" and then I realised it was you and was like "OMFG DRAGOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNASDFVBJHFV".
    Ohhh, nice. I didn't know it was that advanced. That's totally worth it for Outset Toony alone. Issue is I forgot I don't even own Brawl anymore. I'm sure I can pick it up cheap, though.

    I suppose that's true. xD just let me know if you ever make one I guess. Also have you checked PC since you got back? You have A LOT of VM's on there.
    Oh, fair enough. I will do it that way then. xD it finally gives me a reason to dust off my poor Wii I guess. So what are some of these Easter eggs you were referring to?

    Awe. It only takes a few seconds, but okay. D:
    Oh, that's cool. I do actually have the Homebrew channel, but that does sound like an easier method. I almost just said there that we should brawl sometime, but then I remembered Ganon hogging the WiFi. >.<

    Brooo, you should totally make one. You might become the only person not to have it.
    1) Yay for numbering
    2) My issue is I'm too lazy to draw. It's a sad truth. xD
    3) He pretty much fucked over everyone without current nintendo consoles.
    4) Nintendo should just release art of their characters doing selfies.

    I haven't played it no, but I'll check it out. I'm guessing i'll need the Homebrew channel or something? D:

    Do you haz a Skype by the way?
    Well July is a very long way, so that's probably for the best. xD

    Honestly all I've been doing on the course is drawing, which is something I'm terrible at, but I guess it's help me improve a bit. xD I only went on this course because there wasnt really anything else I wanted to do.

    Oh yes. Ganon fu*ked over a lot of pokemon fans. You should become the hero of WiFi.

    Ohh yeah. xD That reminds me, do you have a Wii U? Wind Waker HD is amazing.
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