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  • Unfortunately, I already have a Larvesta and not really interested in getting another one. Maybe something else?
    Talk to the guy with the blue hair as soon as you enter the Battle Subway, he says he can judge the potential of your pokemon (By potential he means IVs) If you plug in the information you get from him into an IV calculator it will give more accurate readings, and also tell you if any of your IVs are 31s. I did it with that Kabuto and it told me Attack and Sp. Attack IVs "Couldn't be better" Meaning they are 31s lol :D
    I just find one elgyem today, at the GTS negociations ^^"!

    But, thanks for try to help me. ^^
    That was not the point, the point was that if you are willing to trade with hackers (i.e. requesting a wondertomb), it's enough to disqualify you from the trade.
    Until they expire, yes. If you follow the rules set out in that thread, though, there's no reason why you should accumulate any more points.
    That's his prerogative, though. There's no forum rule that says someone has to trade with another member, but there is a rule against posting insulting comments. Just don't insult people, and you should be fine. If this kind of thing happens in the future, I'd recommend you just ask the person politely why they ignored your request. I'd recommend not doing that in this case, though, and just putting it behind you.

    Looking at your VM exchange, however, I believe it was because he didn't like that you were looking for a Wonder Guard Spiritomb. Some people have strong opinions regarding hacking.
    Regarding your "unfair" trade, please review this rule set in that thread:
    "no hackers - this includes using AR or trading with hackers etc (use common sense okay don't waste both our times if you think you fall into the "dodgy people" catagory)"

    You were linked to your own hack want thread. That's proof enough for you.
    Okay, see you in a few. And the reason is since the chances of getting a egg are not always the highest, and each step equals 1 EXP point, if you take too many steps before an egg is formed, you could very easily lose one of the bred moves. Deino learns Focus Energy at Lv 4, Bite at Lv 9, and Headbutt at Lv 12. After that, you have a little bit before it learns its next move (plus more EXP points are needed to LV up), so it gives you more breathing room, and a higher chance of passing down all those egg moves. Anyway, enough of that, I'll be on in a few moments.
    Actually, they're all ready, Pokerus and all. I could meet you on in a few minutes. Trade over anything you want for them. Just a little warning about breeding them, level up the male prior to breeding, up to Level 12, or you run the risk of loosing any of the four moves during the breeding process. Anyway, I'll be on shortly with them in tow.
    I thankyou, but I have traded with the guy many times, and have never had any problems. what happened with you and siburke? :)
    Actually, if you'd like, I can give you the one I just bred. It's a male with a Modest nature (it doesn't have the same characteristic as its parents, but close enough, right?). So, if you want, I can give you both the newly-hatched male and one of the original females. I could even give you Pokerus as a bonus. Does that sound good?
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