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  • Just a heads up: Deino with Earth Power and Dark Pulse are illegal, and therefore impossible. Both moves come from different parents: Dark Pulse is form Gen IV Ekans/Arbok, and Earth Power is from Gen IV Gible/Gabite/Garchomp. The only way to get both is hacking.
    hey riggs do you have a shiny noctowl? i desperately need one cause im trying to get all of ash's pokemon
    No it is ok, I have my lugia from soul silver, And I do not use it I have an extra groundon if you want it too my FC is 3310-3892-2171 BRANDON
    That's why you should always check whether someone else posted before you; I merged the posts already but I'd remember they were posted less than half an hour from each other. Also, I generally don't write a personal message with an infraction if I have given a warning or infraction of the same type to that person earlier; they should already know the reason why they're getting infracted.
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