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  • and 2other things..... let me know when you arrive in south africa.... and do NOT let any of your things lying around... things like cellphones, laptops or money can get stolen if it lies around
    if you want to go on safari... then i have 2 places in mind..... firstly the Kruger National Park.... if you want to see the big 5 ... and 2ndly..... Kei Mouth, east london... (thats where i live.... a nice quiet little town and it's great if you want to get away from the big cities...
    well in cape town there is so much to do... i have a link to all that is to do in cape town... not sure if i can post in here
    EEEK!! johanesburg and Pretoria?? um... one word of advise... those 2 cities has a huge crime rate.... ok.... um.. let me make a map of where you can go for the holiday and send it to you/// ok?
    wow... great.. where are you gonna visit in south africa???? oh i am white.... and most south africans is really friendly...
    You are allowed to swear. Especially when the word you're talking about has everything to do with the discussion.
    I did--I'll get back to you later tonight, i've got a lot on my plate ATM.
    Don't you just hate that? I get the same thing a lot of the time... especially since one of our number hasn't participated at all yet. :p

    Ah well, at least there's some autonomy. I think the whole point of having multiple members in Sapporo is to give different members from the same team a chance. You could do something there if you really wanted to.
    Hate Japan in real life? I'm not positive, though I would imagine that the people of both Koreas as a whole dislike Japan, considering that Japan tried to rule over Korea for almost a century.
    That's totally understandable, and I'd probably feel the same way if I were in your place. Actually, I'd probably be doing everything to make myself revelant. XD It's not my place, but Japan definently beat you in your own game.

    Okay, I'll send that PM along. Sorry for not sending it earlier, I even have a saved copy of it in my files and everything. It's in the standard legalese, just so you know.
    I'm sorry, I would have sworn that I sent a second one. No wonder I never got the response. XD If you guys have any interest, I'll send it along.
    Yes I have SoulSilver, and the best way to level up would be the gymleader rematches. And maybe defeating Red too (although he was hard enough the first time). Of course you could wlays grind through the league again, but I heard they get higher level pokémon after you've beaten them once.
    Sure why not. But if you sent it to me by accident then you also could've said so from the beginning, making mistakes is only human after all ;)
    None of my business? Then why on earth did you VM it to me? If you wanted to say something to Axle you should've said it on his userpage.
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