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  • do u really think theyre fake? you know how cool it would be to start off with a grass/bird pokemon?
    The only one that I have really played is Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core which plays very similarly to the Kingdom Hearts Series. It's not really worth all of the work though.
    That sure is what I mean, I would really like to play as Riku. I can barely defeat Sora's final boss so I am probably going to have some trouble with Riku's then.

    If you enjoy the Kingdom Hearts games I really think you would like some of the Final Fantasy games too.
    That's what I thought 358/2 Days was going to end up like. At least they kept with the normal battle system though instead of going back to the cards method.

    Did you ever end up completing Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories? I am still stuck on the last boss and I think I probably need to level up some more. I like the little surprise that they add-on once you beat the game. (You know what it is right? ;)
    How is 358/2 days? I read a review on it and really like Xion's artwork. I really like that they expanded Hercules world too, as that is one of my favorite Disney movies.

    So far my favorite would have to be probably Kingdom Hearts (the second one comes in very close though) due to the fact that I like how you start off at Destiny Islands. I think I heard one kid actually level up Sora to the 90's before continuing on with the story.
    Sure, I would love to talk about Kingdom Hearts! ^^

    So far I have only played Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts II, and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.

    The new DS game looks interesting but I am going to wait until Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep is released for the PSP. If you haven't seen the trailer yet I would suggest looking it up on youtube as it is very cool. As always Japan already has the game which I am hoping will be released in English here soon.

    Which game is you favorite so far in the series?
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