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  • I dunno. I only have 1 ditto left, and Shayminskyforme88 wanted one too (Though to be fair, he's been a major jerk to me before) Ahhh, shaymin'll have to make due. I'll head online in a minute. You should head online now.
    I'm ready to trade when you are (There's only 1 left)

    and about my brother, he's a good guy, he just gets in a funk easily. (And to be fair, I did provoke him)
    Ok so Sunday I was really drunk... and on a beach... all day.


    Any times that work for you? I wish I could just deposit it for you somewhere.
    That's because I am bad and online at work. ;D I don't have wifi I can access here though.

    This weekend... hmmm. Sunday I might? I will have to keep you posted.
    Not really. D= Unless you can do around 10 or 11am your time (so I guess that would be 10 or 11 on Friday morning).
    not really looking for anything in particular.. not currently looking for dex fillers at this stage.. what else can you offer?
    I just want to know the weaknesses o.o, I hope it isn't much or well give new resistances but being strong against dragon XD I really think it won't happen
    Thank you too ^^, hope we can trade once again. OH and what do you think about the new fairy Gardevoir?
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