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  • I cant pm you back because of my post count but Thanks! I have Panpour, Gyarados and Frogadier. Heres my fc add me. 5386 8525 0445
    Added you. My friend code is 0044-3158-6008.
    Thank you. Please if you can let me know what Pokémon are in my friend safari as I don't know yet.
    yeah, i checked it after i commented here, and it sure seems fishy to me, but i don't really care about their shiny forms, i just want ro enjoy my game
    it's true, because Zek/res can't be shiny normally, and the games force you to capture them, but if you have full boxes, the game won't force you to, and they will reappear at the Dragonspiral Tower, where they will have a chance to be shiny.
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