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  • If you're free now, I can still trade, I was switching computers (if me being offline is why you said later)
    No problem :)
    Thanks for vm'ing me rather than posting on the thread, lol, it doesn't need to get any longer!
    Hi! Yes! I'll have to save up in IV, but I'll be there in as long as it takes me to switch cartridges :)
    I thought it was, I'm just too hurried to check, lol. Thank you for the Feebas, take care or that Oblivious Wailmer ^^
    I think I can squeeze it in really reallllllyyy quickly. I'm about to leave to take someone to the airport, and I'm headed into the room now to trade with someone else. if you can be there within the next 10 minutes, preferably asap, I can give you it now (Relaxed Wailmer, right?)
    I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to you earlier. I've been really busy and just kept forgetting and delaying it. Either way, I thought I had two leaf stones, but I can't find them anymore... I feel that I traded them a long time ago. I also saw your new updated list of wants and couldn't find anything that I could offer. Sorry.
    Sure! Give me a minute or two to find my charger, I noticed my DS was red. I'll head right in once it's plugged in.
    It is, I've updated the thread with your claim. Whenever you're free to trade give me a heads up.
    Yep, no problem, thank you. Apparently nintendo wifi is fritzy right now, and if connection isn't working you're both supposed to get out and change the order you enter the room? Don't get it, but it worked. Thanks!
    Sounds awesome. I'm just chillin in the room. My friend code is updated on my profile, it was wrong before.
    Hey! I'm online most of the day East coast time from like 12- the whee hours with tiny breaks for like dinner and such, but, it looks like we're both on now if you're game? And they don't need nicknames or pokerus as they're just going to be bred insane anyway, but thanks.
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