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  • Strangely enough, my sister wrote an entire parody of the Grinch with Paul as a main character (aka grinch) and entered it in the 2010 bulbagarden christmas contest XD

    62767158 years in jail, no parole
    Wow, way to ruin the moment! ;P

    I really wouldn't even mind seeing Misty, to be honest. She deserves to be remembered. You know what I'd REALLY like though? If the rival for BW2 were in the anime. Holy smokes, man, did you see him? He looks like a complete douchebag <3

    Then we can drop Shooti off at the nearest dumpster.
    I have no problem with your predictions coming true \(._.)/
    Because when Paul comes back on the show...
    my body will be ready.
    Oh wow, I've been terrible about replying VMs XD

    Your dream is normal, I assure you. I have them all the time, and...I'm normal!! :DDDD

    That is actually a really beautiful scene, I might draw it one day. It's kinda how I want the entire series to end ;_;
    But you know...Paul's never gonna come back to the anime and all that.
    I think about those things too~ But, I'm obviously a freak XD ummm...there'd be no subjectivity about Paulina's hawtness, it's a scientific fact v_v;

    As long as it's not NC-17 and focuses on friiieeendship/jealousy, I think it's cute :p

    I love the second top comment from this, I think it summarizes what I think about their relationship perfectly. Definitely can see that happening, but the odds of them doing that are none to none XD I've given up all hope of ever seeing my Shinji-kun ever again :/ i would also like a timeskip kthxbai

    I wasn't ^___^ But obviously YOU are >:DDDD close enough~

    maybe they should start smoking.
    Oh god, me and my sister go into these long drawn out discussions on what genderbend boob sizes would be, based on original body build, personality, genetics, response to opposite gender, sex appeal and so on so forth XD lol you're welcome :p He doesn't look much different, does he? only hotter. god, i wish they made paul a girl

    That's actually a smart strategy. Oh, I forgot to add Latias/Bianca into the mix. And Chikorita. And Pikachu. And. And. /entire pokemon cast

    I know a lot of people don't agree with the notion that Ash and Paul can become friends, mainly because of their contrasting personalities, but I disagree. I think that even though they're polar opposites in terms of how they react to things, they've experienced a lot of the same things and they have the same goal (of becoming stronger). That's a really beautiful sort of relationship you're describing there, and I really wish it could have been expanded in the anime instead of just (literally) putting Paul on a boat :( Maybe if they do a final movie and needs some sort of rouge agent to solve the situation XP

    heeey, I never even MENTIONED comashipping in my post! hahaah, I'm rubbing off on you

    Could you give some of that to Dawn and Piplup? I think they reeeeeaaaally need it.
    I love traps, intentional or not, of either gender XD I also genderbend everything that moves, especially anime characters, and think about weird shit, like their cup sizes and everything XDDD (for the record, teenaged Ashely would be "B" :p, Paulina would be "A" :pPPP)

    Anabel doesn't seem to be that proactive about RELATIONSHIPS though, so I think she'd try to hide the fact that it was bothering her for the longest time. You saw how drastically her personality was when she's all "doki-doki" over Ash. Typical tsundere :p

    No. Lies. denial He's a lot more similar to Ash than he wants to believe, I think. They probably even have the same tastes in movies (my headcanon consists of Paul watching "The Adventures of Red" with his brother when he was younger, and have the same reaction Ash did XP)

    Hey Arnold! My love :( I suppose it's feasible, some SOMETHING physical happened for him to acquire that voice, so I think the same for Paul p:

    Some people don't like traps. It makes them uncomfortable with their sexuality XP

    It's in the latest season. I wish they were genderbent more, but I think the best line was from Fry: "Now when I say something stupid, boys laugh and buy me stuff!" XDDD

    I think Anabel and Angie are both pretty non-confrontational, but the dynamics would change if you throw Melody, Misty and Macy into the mix :p

    Wait a min-

    I just noticed that they all share similar first letters ._____.;;;;

    ....Okay, yeah I know I don't make any sense XDDD I think "questioning" would be a better word to describe him, possibly even after puberty.

    I really like Paul's voice, but if you're ten years old, how else would you get a voice that low? XD
    Rule of 63 is THE BEST rule though!! Do you watch futurama? I nearly died when they had an official genderbend episode XDDD

    Aw, they would do that too and then fight to the death to see who would become is waifu Noooo!!! Paul's not asexual...he's...he's just going through puberty :( That's why he's so awkward and his voice sounds like a chronic smoker!!
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