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  • Too much black and red for my liking. Harley skin is better.

    Also, happy birthday to me, in an hour. Everyone who see this, get me something.

    Don't know what that means. What is an "edgeuarder" and... whatever else that was that you said? Sorry if I sound n00bish, it's just that I only play SSBB for fun and always use Link and/or Lucario.

    It's an important chapter, too. I'm assuming you haven't gotten started yet, so I'll just say that it features a character's return and a callback to an earlier chapter in another way.
    Not sure what that means but okay ^_^;

    I'm sloooooooowly writing chapter 30 of my fic.
    But anyway, next week, I'm going to try to get most of Part One of my book written.
    Nero is... a difficult one to read. At times he's calm, cool, and collected, but at others he has outbursts and fits of insanity. When this happens, his eyes go bloodshot for the duration of the fit. He has a long scar going from the top of his head that runs down the left side of his head down to his chin. He's one of my favorite creations.

    He's a sub-villain in act one of the Ash Ketchum Chronicles, but the main villain of act two and Pokemon GK.
    I KNOW. She was easy enough when she was just a cool, crazy bitch. But after Sozin's Comet.. ugh. Good luck writing that character.

    Azula is, in fact, my inspiration for my Pokemon OC Nero Julian, in a way.
    Oh, well. It's funny you should say that: I was going to put Azula in near the end, but then realized that I could never get her IC. She's a really hard character to write.
    My fic doesn't use ANY of the established characters, except a few mentions here and there. It's just an idea I had to take one of the most hilarious parts of the show ever and turn it evil. Can you bear to read an all-OC fic?
    Actually, never heard of that.

    Lucky. My Spring break apparently doesn't start till Monday. Right now I'm listing Merit Badge requirements I need to do. Busy work and all that.
    Avatar: The Last Airbender.

    TR is, in fact, a huge criminal syndicate in my fics. Fancy that.

    Read this first, it's the prequel to this.

    And this is the Avatar fic.
    Also, if you like PokeShipping fics, may I recommend When One Ends? WARNING: It contains lemon.
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