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  • I realized that the idea was just needless spite and actively began mending fences.

    He just refuses to try aand see beyond the sig. She's pretty cool. And this is coming from a former despiser of her.
    BTW, AFG has this to say about you:

    "PS Sonic Boom's hated me since square one. Besides the fact if any bothered to READ my posts half the time and not just skim through and see "I Hate Pokeshipping" every three sentences, maybe I wouldn't HAVE so many people hate me."

    What do you say to DAT?
    That's fine.

    Also, Horace Slughorn fought in the battle of Hogwarts! :|
    Byzantine, Rush Austin, and Future Love. That's right, two PSers and two ASers, as evidence that it's not just the PSers that are annoyed at her.
    That was just such an awesome post, I just couldn't not borrow it. Of course, AFG usually avoids intelligent arguments like the plague, so who knows if she'll ever respond.
    Thank you. I gave a little rant on her profile, after she actually asked me for "two reasons that she deserves to be hated in the PokeShipping community here." Unfortunately, she has not been on since the first, so I have received no response.
    I got it, no problem. I LOLed at how she thinks that all the hints were dub-added and that ALL POKESHIPPERS think that that horrid Misty's Song is a hint.
    Very well, then, sir. Just PM me the whole thing. I'll need it for me and my pals' complete rebuttal PM we're sending to ashfangirl.
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