• ME begins a second journey around Sinnoh. Watch here as he follows a famous Professor around.
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  • I would go and "argue" Ashfangirl's points in her deviantart Anti-PS rant in a blog, but I feel I'd be laughing so hard that I wouldn't be able to type correctly.
    After seeing your posts, I have concluded that you are one of the most level-headed and rational Shippers I have ever met. Congratulations sir/madam, and I hope that we can converse further in the future.
    I know. It's just nice to see people finally standing up and telling Ashfangirl to shut up.

    Tis'like a waking dream.
    True. I just don't want infractions so I edited my post so it would be on-topic. That thread is wild sometimes though...
    I'm really sorry about that! I forgot I set it liked that! I changed it so you can respond on my page if you want. Again I'm really sorry about that!^^
    Since your profile is set to private, I'll have to answer here.

    Yes, I am Sonic Boom on Serebii as well. I usually stay in the OVG forum over there though. I sometimes go to Shipping if it interest me at that moment.
    Oh Josh . I found ya . *sends friend request* is Wil from Msn and serebii if you have forgotten
    D: Well, then...I deem you alternate-reality!SB. Yourself, just clearly not.

    The hankerchief is like a throwaway, but the lure comes out when Misty isn't around (though fishing episodes are few and far between). I hope they do land him with someone though. It'd bring the debates to a halt (and if he winds up with someone who isn't Misty, May, Dawn, or whatever girls he travels with hereafter, I think the only ones who would be crushed are the Pokeshippers: the others would be satisfied it at least wasn't Misty; vindictiveness, thy name is). It'd be a godsend to confirm something. I don't care what or who, really. The debates will never end if he doesn't.

    XD Oh? All I had in mind were Misty, Gary, and Paul. Who you got?
    But you can't prove it! Hah!

    Yeah, it will. If anything, Pokeshipping is the best choice and has the best chance, and I'm pretty sure if it's not Misty, the writers will set him up slowly (something like the Angie situation) to inevitably be with her. I don't have to like the 'ship to know it's the top runner. *sigh*

    Ultimately, that chase bit just proves Ash is maid made to be a woman. 8D It's why he's the bitch to so many (okay, three) people.
    Lies! SPPf!SB is older than you!

    ^_^ This is why I don't ship mainstream. I'm a comfortable Bouldershipper and there's no denying that when all else fails, it'll still be one of two that remain (the other being Pikashipping). Our biggest hint might be its own running gag (Brock leaving, only to come back), but it's still more than the others have~ *cheesy grin* All the hints in the world don't mean anything if they don't come back time after time.
    Even Morpheus and Ability don't have what Pearl and Advance have. They might be canonically one-sided, but they don't have screen-time, which makes the Big Three what they are: monsters. And Contest itself is closest to being true canon of all, making it just as big a threat as Poke is in terms of What Will Be, against Advance.

    This is my logic. *nodnod*
    Gasp! You are not original! Phail!

    I don't wanna remember JBStormburst. There were, like, two more at the time that made me hit my head a little.

    I'm talking about in terms of exclusive canon. I would side with Palletshipping before Pokeshipping, but there's no denying when it comes to What Will Be, it's down to the Big Three and Contest (Rocket doesn't have any stakes, so they're not involved in this conclusion). I was gonna mention Penguin, but I'm also thinking that if the writers were really pushing it, like they did Contestshipping, Kenny would be more spotlight in Dawn's mind. In the meantime, it's no real rival. Ikarishipping has no hope; if it does, I would be pleasantly surprised.

    *too long; what???*
    Um...D8 omg, I've no idea. There's a Sonic Boom over there too....but you can't possibly be the same!

    They also have more mods. It's never been an overwhelming issue, but I was the only mod before it was merged with the World forum, so even though there are others, I still had the free reign. Trusting them to behave = probably wasn't the smartest idea in the world. *facepalm* I shouldn't have. AS has actually given me the most grief before now. it wasn't much, but it was more than the others.

    But I suppose you can't blame them. Pokeshipping only has Pearl and Advance to worry about, Pearl only has Poke and Advance, but Advance has to fight against those two /and/ Contestshipping, which is both sides and not just Ash's. I suppose it's rough when it's a two-sided attack.

    Ah well. We'll fix it.
    8D I've been found! Yep, that I am.

    Oh hardly. I was actually just looking at the AS thread over on SPPf and wishing it were only that calm right now. But you made a perfectly reasonable observation and it's true. And that's been bothering me, but if I snap at them at the moment, I feel like they'd try to eat me alive. -_-

    Ironically, this whole thing has spurned us to redraw rules for the section, which is sort of mirroring Gazmof's gallant return to mod the AS thread there. Heh, we need someone like him here.
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