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  • No problem! ;P

    Hahah, you should see the other art this artist does...or not XD She's a fan of shota-uke Ash in a lot of pairings unfortunately

    Hey, it's your birthday! You can believe what you want even though we both know that's Paul and Dento
    Hi Sonic Boom,remember good old times we debated intensively about Misty return to cast to serebii?Back than people still thought it might have chance of happening,ah good times.

    Its kind of funny but as much as discussions about this character arent known for having good reputation(for a damn good reason),you can notice how exactly this debates add necessary flare to fandom to keep things active around lol.

    Anyway wanted to ask you whats your opinion of BW,that is if you had opportunity to watch it?
    I think people might be more horrified at the first role for the PUSA voice actors all over again. Brings back memories....no wonder SOVA is back, LOL!
    Its funny to me. You think these people would simply quit watching the show after Johto and simply not care about anything that has happened in the anime since. Instead they stick around year after year, generation after generation, thinking they can somehow petition to get the anime to revert back to it was 15 years ago.

    There's a difference between prefering the older seasons to being a total nostalgic crackpot over them. I bet next they'd try to petition to Nintendo to eliminate all the new Pokemon after the original 151! LOL!
    LOL, did you see that new SOVA thread? I had to make a blog about it, it brought back some fandom memories!
    Meh, I doubt there will be any new special or anything. BW is too young and Iris/Cilan have only been around 1 year. When the 10th anniversary special happened Hoenn was already over and we were starting Battle Frontier, so May, Max and the whole AG series was already around for 3 years. And even then Misty still had regular cameos in AG, so it wasn't much of a surprise to see her back then.

    Where we are right now, Misty hasn't had a cameo in 6 years, AG has been over for some time and May hasn't been mentioned since 2008, Dawn and Brock are now gone and likely won't get a cameo, and Iris/Cilan are still relatively new.

    I think it'll just be a montage in the 15th movie like the 10th movie had.
    My guess is the 15th movie will have a montge during the usual "World of Pokemon" segment that will show pieces of all previous movies. The 10th movie showed clips from Movies 1-9 at the very beginning, so it wouldn't be the first time.

    Surely though some Misty fans will try to find conspiracy theories about this, and act like the writers are foreshadowing an appearance for her. You'd think after the Misty lure in DP led to nothing as well as Misty's appearances in some of the openings for AG and DP, people would stop overreacting every time a reference to the past is made.

    Besides Misty hasn't owned a "Togepi" since 2003. Lol
    Well that thread isn't anywhere as bad as Weedle's feminism and sexism topics. You can probably dig them up with the search feature.

    You know that whole stuff are things I never think about when watching the show. I don't know why people try to apply these Freudian views toward the female characters in the anime, it makes no sense.
    Its kind of funny. I was one of those original Pokemon fans who grew up with the Kanto anime and the Red/Blue games, yet it never really bothered me whatsoever that the show and games kept changing.

    For some reason I think people like me are a minority. Even though I grew up with the originals, I never obsessed over them and never viewed them as automatically better than anything that came afterward. So why is it that I was one of those original 1998 Kanto fans, yet despite getting bored with the show in Johto, (which doesn't count really, as it was pretty much the same cast), did I never complain?

    Granted I don't agree with every single thing the writers do, I doubt anyone does, but I was never one of those people who held onto nostalgia.
    But it doesn't make any sense to me. Most of these Kanto/Orange fans originally abandoned the show at some point in Johto. A large chunk of the fanbase never watched all of Johto in its original run when it was airing for the first time, and if they eventually saw it, they later went back to catch up on it.

    If that's the case, why did a large chunk of Kanto/Orange fans (myself included), drop or almost drop the show in Johto, and have renewed interest in AG or beyond? And this is not even counting the DP fans, who were also all originally Kanto/Orange fans. And as you've pointed out in a previous message, some people are actually getting back into the show now in Best Wishes. If this is the case, why are there so many older fans now ages 18-25 who kept up with any of the sagas that came afterward?

    The anime has now gone on for an entire decade after Misty left, so you can't divide the show up between "Misty seasons" and "non-Misty seasons" the way some people used to. Misty didn't even make it to the halfway point of the series, I think she's only in roughly 39% of the shows total episodes now.

    Personally I can't see a difference anymore. Misty was dropped way too early into the series in retrospect that the mere fact that virtually the entire series with AG, DP and BW combined takes place after she's gone wouldn't make sense to base the show around her. The anime has gone on so long that Misty wound up retroactively became a short-lived character. Its quite amusing when you think about it, and you realize how things like Tracey was only there for like 35 episodes yet people act like he was around for like 100.
    You know now that I think about it, I now know why people still thought of Misty as important in the AG series. Even though she was off the main show, she still got regular cameos and appearances every so often, especially in Japan where her specials basically aired throughout Hoenn's run rather than later on like in the U.S.

    So she was still "kept alive" in some form, even if she wasn't in the main series anymore. Also back then nobody thought they were going to keep bringing in new female protagonists after May, so I think nobody could have ever imagined more new girls coming in at the time so they thought Misty still had a shot.

    Funnily enough, Misty's appearances would stop altogether by 2005, where she had her final appearance in an episode to date. I don't think anyone could have ever known that AG134 would turn out to be Misty's final episode for the next 6 years and counting. If it weren't for brief mentions like the lure and a shot in some openings/endings here and there, her character would be more phased out than she is already.

    Amazing how the passage of time made Misty look like "she would still remain somewhat important" to, "she no longer appears at ALL anymore," type of thing. What a difference a single decade can make.
    Ash does say it's Misty's badge. I think that ep was a reference to Daisy's screentime, we even see Daisy in a flashback in that ep giving away a badge.

    As for the lure well it's old news now. I don't see it appearing again.
    Well the Japanese didn't feel the need to do so. In fact it's actually quite interesting how even back in AG the only time Misty was name dropped only happened maybe once or twice. Every single time she's mentioned or alluded to in the dub was 4kids doing like the line in the 6th movie.

    It's probably because the Misty specials aired alongside AG in Japan, so she showed up there rather than how everyone else didn't see the specials till years later.

    I guess I am the only one who still makes a point that AG134 turned out to be Misty's final ep for 6 years now and counting. Funny how back in 2005 nobody would have ever believed that.
    I think 4kids added around 4 or so Misty references in Hoenn that weren't there originally.

    Don't forget that Plusle and Minun filler had the dub title "A different kind of Misty" for some reason.
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