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  • As far as I remember aside from 4kids changing most of the music, everything else edited was cultural stuff. Most notable is during the Hoenn league, Morrisson's giant rice cake was edited into an American subway sandwich. You can see the comparisons on Dogasu's site, its hilarious.
    What if she also sports baseball caps and owns a rodent as a pet? :p

    It's like the Digital Millennium Copyright Act on steroids. I too am quite sickened by the corporate greed that's fueling this whole bill. I understand that a lot of media and music companies are losing money due to the decline in CD, mp3 and DVD sales, but from what I can gather, it's not significant enough to completely offset their profits...If anything, they should be doing what a lot of companies are doing and take advantage of the internet revolution (I mean, don't they do that enough with all the advertising on YT? Seriously, I thought that was going to be our conditional for posting music up "illegally"). It just bothers me so much that they have to take matters into congressional hands >_>

    Haha, option b sounds like the ideal to me! Maybe lulzsec can make them dress in meido outfits or else complete mainframe shutdown :p
    Yeah, their flowers grow in a similar "stalk" like arrangement too! SIGH. Real life, why must you be such a cocktease?

    I was gonna ask an admin to ban me, but I thought that would have been a bit rash (and it would have highlighted my lack of self-control even more XD). So I didn't have to go through the whole "I AM LEAVING BULBAGARDEN...for two weeks" deal that some people insist on sharing (seriously, why would you announce that you'd be gone for two days? Just go...)
    Sopa! That means soup in spanish! Only this SOPA is icky, and filled with rotted meat and unfitting vegetables D: Yeah, I'm especially worried with what's going to happen to YT and AMV makers if it gets passed...or worse, Pokemon episodes >_> Honestly, I think it's going to be a big waste of money because no matter how many bans they put on these websites, people are going to find ways around the system. It's just human nature.
    Nooooo ;_;
    I don't know why I didn't notice this before, but both heather and ash are flowering plants. It just adds to the eerie parallels.

    And...I'm sorry I didn't reply to your last VM, I've been all "shut out from the rest of the world I'm trying not to fail my classes." But now I'm on my winter break and still awaiting my last final grade report (JPN).
    I only vaguely remember my first interactions with you, but I don't think we ever clashed in a real debate or anything. I think it was just some random comments in the shipping section or something about Misty not having a cameo in DP yet? I can't remember, you came to Serebii in 2009, right?

    At that point most people gave up on the DP series in terms of memorable character interaction outside of Paul and barry.
    Well I've been on Serebii since 2004 and here since 2005 and I don't remember any real bad Misty debates back then. Back then Johto was more recent on everyone's mind so Misty's departure was generally accepted as she was still getting regular appearances in specials. May became popular quickly enough as did the Contests themselves.

    I think the Misty debates got worse somewhere in 2007 because back then people began to realize Misty was truly gone for good when Dawn was brought in as it proved Misty would stay gone not only for AG but every arc that followed.

    There were of course random kids who came online just to rant about Misty returning but the mods closed threads quickly enough.
    That was the odd thing, May was still brought up through the entire span of DP and it was mostly because Dawn's contest arc was constantly compared to May's. If Dawn wasn't a coordinator then I do think less people would have brought her up. Then again at the same time many people were hoping we'd get specials in Johto but of course that never happened.

    To be honest the only time Misty is still brought up is when people are discussing older eps. Outside
    of shipping threads I rarely see much Misty discussions anymore. It mostly
    comes from people who were out of Pokemon for years and suddenly come back to the fandom, and
    since Misty was the only girl they knew, they would bring her up because
    they didn't know anything else.

    Funnily enough Misty's now been gone for so long that there is nothing much to say as she never appeared again. I think at this point some of those more obsessive Misty fans have to hide out in safe zone threads
    because you can't discuss Misty in the main anime section without debate.

    I think some people tricked themselves into thinking Misty will always be favored over
    others, but then when they come in the anime sections and
    see that people prefer one or two of the other girls over her, they act like they're shocked.

    Am I the only one who remembers them trying to pass off Dawn as "the new Misty" when DP first started? Lol
    Perhaps. The fact that Misty has not had a physical appearance since 2005, which is now 6 years and two generations ago says quite a bit. Granted as you probably already know, I am not obsessed with old characters reappearing and don't care if they don't till a series finale type ep.

    To be honest for some reason I was happy that Dawn and Misty never met. Although probably nobody thought of this bit me, I didn't like the idea of May being the "middle girl" as DP was airing, and having girl 1 and 3 meet would have reinforced that. However since Dawn was a coordinator she was constantly compared to May so it seems like she didn't suffer middle child syndrome during that time period. The fact that May's contest arc was largely shadowing over Dawn's the whole time also prevented it.

    Although now in BW, Dawn is essentially now sandwiched in all the middle. I wouldn't be surprised if Dawn's status as the second coordinator, third female and middle girl will essentially make her forgotten outside of hardcore fans of the character.

    Oh well!
    I notice the writers don't tend to do too many "throwaway cameos" anymore. During the Sinnoh league, NONE of Ash's older friends were shown watching his matches on TV. Meanwhile back when the Hoenn league was airing, they showed Misty, Delia, Oak/Tracey, and even Norman and Caroline watching Ash's Hoenn league matches.

    The Sinnoh league didn't show anyone, not even Delia, watching his matches. I found that kind of funny, since you'd think that would be the time they'd do the "silent cameos" of older characters getting a brief 1 second appearance.

    I guess the writers feel the show has gone on for so long now that they're phasing out the past.
    Yeah. To be honest I can't see any old characters appearing in the anime again, not at this point. Dawn and Brock were likely given specials to give them a small follow-up without having to have them in BW. Even if there are R/S remakes at some point, I can't see May appearing, simply because she's now been gone for almost as long as Misty and most of the current fanbase doesn't even know who she is anymore. And as for Misty, if she didn't appear in DP at all I certainly can't see her appearing in Best Wishes.

    I think Best Wishes will be the first saga with no old major characters re-appearing, probably the same reason Gary isn't in the show anymore, when they brought him back even briefly for DP.

    And overall now, I really don't care anymore. Most characters have been gone for so long that a re-appearance now would feel really random and off. I just want to see the downfall of Team Rocket so I can feel like one major storyline from the beginning of the show will finally be over.
    Yeah, but Hoenn was also treated as "far away land," when it first debuted to, yet Ash's experience was retained and there were many references to the Kanto/Johto episode.

    If anything I thought AG's "fresh start" was done right. It was treated as a direct sequel to the original series yet it still respected what had come before it. Many references and cameos of old characters and pokemon, the airing of the hoso specials that went on alongside the main series, and Ash being treated like an experienced trainer.

    Best Wishes, "fresh start" on the other hand almost feels like a pseudo-reboot, as if its trying to ignore what had come before it to make it like a totally new series. Which is bizarre, since if the writers really wanted to start over fresh they should have just made DP be the conclusion to Ash's story and wrapped the show up then.

    Anyway I believe this will be Team Rocket's final arc of the anime, and if they go, Ash/Pikachu will be the only old characters left. At that point you have to wonder if the writers really will drop Ash too, because why not bother with a new series altogether if everyone once connected to Ash is gone?
    Admittedly even though I really like the BW trio and consider it the best group dynamics the show has had in years, my interest in Best Wishes itself is pretty low, almost on Johto levels for me.

    I just don't like the fact that it appears to be an almost-reboot aimed at a new gen of kids. The thing I liked about AG and DP is they were treated as direct sequels to the original series and you felt like the whole show was one big continuity.

    Best Wishes could almost take place in an alternate universe with a different Ash. Sometimes I wonder why the writers didn't just wrap up Ash's story at the end of DP then.
    Just curious, I notice you kinda force yourself to try and get interested in the anime again, but you never actually do. I'm just wondering why you don't just try and either force yourself to sit down and watch some eps or simply drop it entirely.
    Don't worry, I do it all the time XP (like now!)

    My teacher has a son that goes to Harvard, so she's kinda the elitist mommy type T_T She makes me feel really dumb sometimes...but the class itself and the language is really fun.
    Okay, so I'm not crazy then! I sometimes get lip for thinking that the whole "Ash is 10, BW retconned EVERTHING" deal is a load of bull. That's nearly identical to the aging system I use. I have a theory that Paul may have spent more time training than trying to enter leagues, so he may as well overlap with Ash in his journey. I also would like to think that they both started out in Kanto (hence why it was so convenient for Paul to walk in on Brandon's match...which is held inside a TRAVELING PYRAMID, mind you). Perhaps they even entered the same preliminary rounds with each other, only Paul got eliminated :(

    oh, damn straight it would have. PS wouldn't have a chance...Yuri's fighting power isn't exactly strong, haha. Maybe this would force the writers to add even more rivals, hence introducing a whole new battlegrounds for the shippers...I would have easily been involved in the Coma vs. Pallet wars :p

    (Aw...yeah, I moved everywhere as a kid too, but since I never thought about romancin' it never made that much of a difference. This development has made me pretty apathetic to ties and human relationships in the long run, I think XD Spunky and independent might fit my roster though :p) Gaaaahhh, so you like those pairings?? Darn XD I mean, I like that shipping pattern too...but they usually seem forced canon and generic to me. Kataang reminds me of that x_x (Oh...please don't tell me...)

    LOL!!! She teaches that class to spite her :p I'm taking an entomology class next semester, but it's not even a legit class...It's called "bugs and people" and from what I've heard, it's going to be a pretty silly, low-work-level class which is what I need to boost my gpa after my atrocious calculus scores >_>;

    Yeah, that's true...still waiting on the day when Paul forcefully undresses Ash to get what he wants from him.
    Yeah, some people tend to think that Paul is older for some-odd reason...I mean, he listed fewer regions than Ash had traveled through, and both are about equal in terms of experience, from what we've seen. I think it would make sense that Paul might even be a bit younger. But, you know...the prevalent thought that greater age=dominance is still pretty widespread >_>' (and yaaay, I think Ash is about 14-ish too, at that point)

    Perhaps XP I do wonder how different (or eerily similar) the series would have been with a female Ash lead though...shipping wars would definitely shift over to another set of people, haha)

    (Oh, ouch XD) Like you've probably read...I think that PS is very one-sided, as most Ash ships are. I honestly think that Misty could do better, Ash just sees her too much as a BFF to get close, I'm afraid. I'm just a sucker for rival shippings, it's apparent in nearly every media I come in contact with...even in RL (Tesla x Edison, Madison x Jefferson, Hilary x Obama...yeah XD)

    It helps that there aren't many "Paul Ketchums" professors running around XP More research has revealed to me that Heather is just an Assistant Professor (though, this may be outdated...college websites tend to do that). Gambatte, Ketchum-chan. Keep close records, I'll be looking for them!

    Yeah, that's called being a sociopath, I believe XD I dunno, he seemed to be pretty good at stalking people and jumping off high cliffs...

    Also, I think it was you I talked to about taking Japanese in College? I'm in the class this year and it's definitely my favorite class. Lots of work, but worth it. I feel accomplished being able to look up katakana pokemon names on pixiv, hahaha.
    I'd like to think that Paul and Ash are the same-ish age...especially now that I know that Heather and Paul are married, ahaha

    well, technically, you don't have to lose any anatomical characteristics to identify as a transgender, but if you want to hold true to that theory...:p

    You just haven't seen the light yet, you poor heathen! It's okay, all will be forgiven...as soon as you convert to another shipping XD I kid, you ship what you want, man. it's all good

    I, too, did some snooping around...it seems like what you've said is true. Paul Ketchum seems to be a bit of an asshole and Heather Ketchum, although a bit difficult, is a very helpful, caring and fabulous professor (assuming both of them teach at the University of Oklahoma, which is where I'm guessing you attend ^^). This is like the best most wonderful thing I've heard in a long while XD

    "AWFUL! very deragatory. Does not care about anyone's opinions but his own. Makes others feel bad and talks down to community college students. Avoid this professor!"

    The lines between fiction and reality are thinning...

    Ironic that Paul would teach Sociology, considering his own social and interpersonal skills (or shall I say, lack of? XD)
    Oh wow, I can see how this could get confusing, lol. I mean the ones you met in the real world, those two ketchums XP

    Damn straight...or I guess, homo, I would! We don't know what's going on in Ash's head, or under his pants, when these things happen!

    Aaaawwwww, I'm sowwy :( Don't read them! They are my rawest thoughts on the shipping, which may be too much for true shippers to handle Dx
    That's a good theory too. If the two ketchums start having a relationship with each other (ignoring the age difference), then I'll most likely accept that theory.

    I could see that working, canonically. Only, Ash would just switch to his many other girl-alter-egos...Ashley, Juliet, Maid-Satoshi...and the much awaited BW crossdressing theme that we don't know about yet
    I had no idea that Ketchum was even a legit last name. I'm going to think that this Heather Ketchum is Paul and Ash's love child or something. It's just my sick fangirl brain at work here...and I can't stop it.
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