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  • I should find more places to post here. Looking back at prior VMs gave me a sense of nostalgia, but I have no earthly clue about the context from whence most of them came from.
    Pokecommunity, Serebii? :O I must thank them personally ;_;

    My enemies deserve to suffeeerrr. :evil: I'm the type to show no mercy :) Yes, Cabernet looks like a mangled eel/pig fetus, but I have to say...Oshawott looks beautiful.
    I need to plaster that in my enemies' rooms or something, to give them bad omens.
    Hm...you can set up the shop so that you list the prices, descriptions, pics and whatnot. In the post, you can say something like: "PM me for the email address to relay the information to."

    Or you can get him to make an account on bulba and set up his own shop XD

    Haha, that might be good to do after you've set up the thread...for insta-advertising :p
    Hm...well, does this person have an online store of some sort? Probably the best you can do is relay the information to him or just act as pure advertisement (since I'm not sure about the information handling rules). Where exactly does it say that you're not allowed to make the thread? I read the regulations, and I can't find it...

    Yeah, you can try to PM Argy...the thing about blogs is that after a while, they kinda get booted/ignored. Another suggestion I have is posting a link to your blog/thread in your siggie, for free advertisement :p
    But...you go to the anime section...where I'm the mod of D:

    I guess I don't act authoritative enough *cries*

    LOL, no problem though. I think that the the best place to place it would be here in the buy/sell forums. Just as long as you have explicit permission from the seller to do it, I think it'd be fine.

    Advertising it in your blogs once you make the thread isn't a bad idea either :)
    Ooh, that's nice! I have a question about that: if one had never taken Japanese courses in high school, would they fare well in a beginning course in college? (If such a thing existed?) Because, I really want to take lessons, since two of my uncles are fluent and I want to learn for my selfish animu reasons :p

    Oooh, okay, I see! XD They all look pretty rad, and I have admit, it is a pretty nice deal since they're custom made! I'd sooo hang it over my mantle place like Reggie did :p
    It's not really that bad. I just c/p names from bulbapedia to search through the tags and save anything that catches my eye. If it's a japanese comic, I save it until maybe someday, I can read it XD in a billion years

    Oh...Silly me, I thought you meant custom graphic badges! XD That'd be awesome! I can't wait to see what they look like :D (33 dollars is quite a lot, though)
    Well, here's the artist's original account; but unfortunately, he doesn't draw any more pokemon art :/. If you don't have a pixiv, I highly recommend getting one, there's some amazing art out there ^^

    You can do it! It's unfortunate that it's due before midnight though, my most productive HW time is after midnight. Ohh, that's really cool! What do they look like? Is it that one thread on serebii? :D
    I've definitely seen that one before, but I don't mind seeing it again :) It's one of my favorites ^^

    I am inclined to believe that it's based on this fan video, parodying the Shippuden OP :p

    lol, hi to you too! How are things?
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