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  • Hey, thanks for backing me up me in that marathon thread. At that point, I was in too much shock and disbelief to respond XD
    You can talk to the night(?

    Arg...screw you...just when I had finally got that out of my head...
    This is why people like Misty more for how they portray her in their fanfiction/fanart, rather than what she actually did on the show.

    This is where people get the idea Misty is an, "Expert battler" from. There's no example of that in the series, but they portray her like that in their fanfiction and then that's how they think she is in the actual anime-canon.
    May is the only main character never to get a single special ever.

    When even Tracey, Casey and Richie get specials, it really leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
    I am conflicted about this news.

    I now thinks its BS because now there could have been specials back when DP was airing and we didn't get any. That is bullshit.
    Oh well, the scan is most likely fake.

    They did a good job. The screenshot with Dawn and her pokemon on the boat looks so real...
    The Contests are dead. I doubt they'll show Zoey/Kenny, etc. either.

    This is why its about Dawn entering a stylist competition. Which is really just the same thing as a Contest just without a battle round.

    lol. I'm not too excited about the Dawn special. The only thing that makes me interested is the possible return of Ambipom.
    Its interesting that they're not really focusing on Contests regarding Dawn, but Pokestylist.

    I guess the contest angle is old-hat.
    He can be a doctor anywhere in Kanto. I think he's leaving behind some of his Pokemon again and just meeting up with his family.

    I hope Forrest is officially declared the new Pewter Gym leader.

    The Dawn special I'm indifferent to, since its another Pokestylist episode. I don't know what the hell they focus on that for.
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