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  • Well Brock being a doctor in Kanto makes more sense than any other region. He's not staying at the Gym I don't think.
    This is the third time they showed Brock return to the Gym to see Forrest and his family. First that special where he left Geodude/Onix/Crobat there at the end of Johto, then the Battle Frontier one where he returned, and now this one.

    I knew Brock would get a Swampert someday.
    Nah, I doubt there will be any focus on pre-DP.

    At most we might get another ep at Oak's ranch where we see all of Ash's older Pokemon. I guess Tracey would wind up being there by default, but eh.
    Nah, that is getting too ahead of yourself.

    At most I think Paul might get one, since his departure had him saying he was going to re-challenge Brandon at the Battle Pyramid.

    They're calling them "Diamond/Pearl specials," so either way its likely just going to feature the DP-era characters.
    I don't know, it may just be a one-time thing. I think this may be the way of the writers making up for Dawn/Brock not appearing in Isshu, as this will count as their, "cameo."

    I'm not really expecting more...
    Now that TR aren't comic relief anymore and don't interact with Ash and co. in every ep anymore, I can see them leaving. Plus they gave Giovanni a new outfit after 13 years, what was the point of that?

    I think there's going to be a TR Vs. Team Plasma confrontation, more or less a Magma/Aqua arc that's actually done right.

    I can see Giovanni either being arrested or maybe even dying like Pokehunter J, the rest of the rockets disbanded.

    TR are the only old characters left besides Ash, so if they do get finishes its really only Ash himself making the show one big continuity.

    If Ash is gone they can just reboot it in a totally different universe for Gen 6 and beyond.
    I dunno. I get the feeling this will be TR/Giovanni's last saga, and if they go I don't know how much longer they'll still keep Ash.

    They finally got rid of Brock after 13 years, and I do feel as if this is build-up to wrap up the Team Rocket plot finally.

    We know Iris/Dento are just going to leave when BW ends too, but that is obvious.

    The only future for the anime after this is Ash just keeps traveling with two new people for the rest of the show.
    It only takes 20 minutes to watch an ep, lol.

    I think Best Wishes is the first saga where I only plan to watch the most important episodes. But I'm not gonna follow it regularly like the previous arcs.

    I keep thinking how old I'll be another 4 years from now when Best Wishes ends, and its disturbing.

    Some of us will be in our 30's and Ash's journey will still be going on.
    I hear Weedle's still on his boycott about Misty in the anime. One day this guy will be 30 years old and he'll still be bringing it up.

    LOL, he's been permabanned both here and on SPP, but still frequents other places.
    Serebii forums are kinda boring now that any thread in the anime section is closed immediately unless it meets a criteria. Then the spoiler section is just the usual about what Poke Ash will get, etc. The shipping section in SPP is so dead and boring.

    Although to be honest I miss all that early speculation when DP first started. Back then people seemed to think DP would do anything, (and there were some legitimate surprises along the way), and its funny everyone speculating what old character would appear and whatnot.

    That was 4 years agoo....
    Yeah, it doesn't really matter to me anyway, I'm over character cameo's.

    I still think its funny they hyped Gary up in the last eps of AG as if he was making this huge return for the DP series....and then he only appears in 3 DP episodes out of a 191 episode arc.

    I have the feeling Best Wishes will be the first saga with no older character cameo, not counting Delia/Oak/Giovanni.

    I really don't think either Dawn or Brock will cameo in Isshu, and if they don't, obviously nobody older than them will.

    Since there are no Contests I can't see Dawn appearing, and for some reason I don't think we'll be seeing Brock for a long time. His Japanese VA isn't doing any roles on the show at all anymore, not even Pokemon voices which he used to do many of.
    I've noticed a lot less, "Will Misty appear in Best Wishes?" thoughts than, "Will Misty appear in DP?"

    I doubt the Misty lure will be used again either.
    I think the difference is when AG was airing nobody thought the show would still go on with new female characters for another 8 years.

    As I always said, if people knew from the getgo how long the anime would go on for, and how characters would be mostly irrelevant after they left, most people wouldn't be bothered.

    I honestly think Takeshi Shudo admitted shipping helped justify Misty's existence says a lot. When you get down to it, aside from being a girl, Misty's only real plotline in the show was a mis-handled shipping subplot.
    LOL, your post in that thread is so true.

    Misty was sort of, "kept alive" during AG because of her cameo's, so I guess that's why she still felt somewhat relevant.

    Back when DP started if people knew she was never going to show up ever again, they likely wouldn't have kept bringing her up or imagining how Dawn would interact with her.

    Now with Best Wishes its just too old.
    Because he still manages to trip everything up. XD And sometimes, if we tell him to come at six, expecting him by 8...he'll still show up at 10.
    Well that bites. =\

    We have an unfortunate friend who can't go anywhere without being two hours late. We actually have to plan around the fact that he's going to be late, because it's like clockwork.
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