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Recent content by RJoshua

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    AmourShipping (Ash x Serena) Thread

    Re: The Ash x Serena Thread Serena's history with Ash won't be relegated to a simple one second flashback like in the preview, no way. Ash, white knighting at an early age.
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    SPOILERS: XY Travelog!

    Currently in Route 7, doing some level grinding. Pidgeotto, Level 23 Floette, Level 19 Fletchinder, Level 22 Pikachu (with a Light Ball), Level 21 Frogadier, Level 22 Ivysaur (Female), Level 22 I was intending to keep my team as is for a while, maybe even the whole game, but then...
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    REVIEW: BW142: My Dream, Pokémon Master!!

    I'm guessing the animators are assuming everyone forgot that Misty had a more current outfit, or that since her AG outfit is not an outfit seen in the games, like May''s DP outfit being from Emerald, it would be out of place. Only reason Brock has his DP outfit by that logic would be because he...
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    AmourShipping (Ash x Serena) Thread

    Re: The Ash x Serena Thread I doubt the workings of a saga close to two decades old has any bearing on the plot intricacies in XY. The writers apparently wanted to shake up the traditional meet-up between Ash and the regional female, and so they made so that Serena has some history with Ash...
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    AmourShipping (Ash x Serena) Thread

    Re: The Ash x Serena Thread The higher-quality picture of the poster we have now definitely shows her with some kind of facial marks, and since the trailer and art didn't show any markings on her face, it can be concluded that she's likely blushing in the poster. And with that, plus that...
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    Best Wishes Season 2 Da! Opening and Ending

    The Gastrodon there is positioned so that it looks like it's looking straight at the viewer, which is why it looks small.
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    Best Wishes Season 2 Da! Opening and Ending

    A Gastrodon. Could be Cynthia's. Torkoal crying.
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    Best Wishes Season 2 Da! Opening and Ending

    In that final zoom-out scene in the ending..... ...Where's Pikachu?
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    Best Wishes Season 2 Da! Opening and Ending

    Inconsequential observance, but I noticed that Ash and Misty have the most of their Pokemon around them there, a total of 5 for each of them. Everyone else has 2 at the most, besides Iris who has 3. Kinda weird.
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    Best Wishes Season 2 Da! Opening and Ending

    Seems like the Pokemon were just hastily put together in the scrolling scene. Marill and Pansage are nowhere to be found in that circle, and none of Ash's Unova Pokemon are even in that scene. OH GOD THEY REMEMBERED TOGETIC. :D Also, Pidgeot's in that final scene, to the left, next to Kingler...
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    What youtube video did you watch last?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAzzbrFgcUw&feature=player_embedded All of my yes.
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    Random Images V2

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    REVIEW: BW086: Pochama VS Yanappu! The Magnificent Battle!!

    Why does that picture look familiar....Oh. Right. I'm calling her Calill from now on. Did Dawn see Team Rocket in this episode? How did she react to their now-serious nature if she did? Was it given notice?
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    Random Images V2

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    New opening song for BW2, "Be An Arrow" sung by Rica Matsumoto

    Sceptile had always been a passive Pokemon, so him just chilling like that's fine with me. He's got his hand on his hip, and the twig's sticking out of his mouth, it's all there. Can't judge on Infernape because Charizard's hand is covering 5/6 of his body in that shot. Come to think of it, we...